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October 24, 2013

A Day with Erich

Hello mah ladies! I purposely did not do yesterday's prompt since I didn't feel like doing it and we got kind of busy here at home. See, yesterday was my Grandfather's 81st birthday.  Since Mom was busy with school and preparations for the incoming Sports Meet, I was tasked with the food preparations. We had a little gathering by dinnertime between family and relatives in the neighborhood. We had cake and spaghetti (because what's a birthday without cake and spaghetti, right?) plus several chicken menus (chicken for the win!). It was a tiring day given that kitchen help aka my aunts and uncles arrived only late in the afternoon. Nevertheless, I still had a good time. :)  

Anyway, here's mine for Day 23 of the October Daily! The prompt: If you could hang out with a celebrity for a day, who would that celebrity be? Why did you choose to hang out with him/her? What would you do or where would you spend that day?

Ladies and gents, let me introduce to you the lovely Erich Gonzales! If she's not familiar to you, that's because she's a Filipina actress! To give you a little bit of background, she made her way to showbiz through a reality talent search that I happen to watch - the same talent search that Sandara Park won before she became Dara of 2ne1. She had several supporting roles before she landed a major role in Katorse that became her portal to stardom. If you're from Thailand or Cambodia, then you've probably seen her first international movie with Mario Maurer entitled Suddenly It's Magic!

Aside from being a fan, I chose to hang out with her because I think we can get along so well! I truly admire her bubbly and playful personality and she is very down-to-earth and humble despite her fame. I don't know much about her personal life (because I'm that kind of fan. lol) but I believe she has gone through so much in life and she is reaping her rewards right now. I saw her once at a mall and I have to admit, she is really pretty and kind! I even dubbed her as 'Filipina Barbie', and indeed she was really called that. Did you notice that little scar on her lower left chin (above photo)? She refused to have it go into some kind of surgery because she believes that this is her lucky charm!

I have only admired Erich from afar and able to know only what she chooses to reveal, but I'd like to know more about her. Given that, maybe we can fly off to Macau, go to a little resto and gossip share like what are her secrets to success and how she was able to be where she is now! Then we'd go visit the Venetian Macau (like go inside all of the shops in there) as well as the Galaxy (and we can play Casino! Haha), have dinner at a fancy restaurant (her treat. :] ) and we'll go roaming the evening streets of Macau! That would be wonderful and très mémorable! :) 

Who would you want to hang out with?

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  1. She's super pretty! And it was nice to read about someone I didn't know about before :]