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October 7, 2013

A Day Sans Sleep

Hola blogmigas! Como estas? :) Oh nothing, just wanna greet you all in Spanish. My blogmiga LuAnn made the [blogmiga] term up, which means a blogger friend! Ain't it fancy? :) Meanwhile, I thought today was a Tuesday! Am I that excited for the week to end? Hahah! But anyways, hurray for Day 7 of the October Daily! I feel like this challenge is making the days go by even faster!

Today's prompt tells us to go without something for a day. I decided not minding my cellphone for a day, but an important call came up. Of course I can't do a day without the internet, especially when I have this challenge going around. :) I can't think of anything else so I decided I'd just share to you what I had experienced last 23th of September - the day I didn't sleep for 24 hours straight.

There was a good reason why I didn't sleep - we had to set the exhibit up for the opening of the Intramurals the next day. On September 23, I woke up at about 6 am, cooked us some breakfast, prepared for my things, and did my routine. I planned on going to school early so we can buy all the things needed and finish setting up early. I arrived school at almost ten, and as expected, I was the first one (among the in-charge) to arrive. This Filipino-time thing is not to be tolerated. By 1pm, we had bought all the things we needed. For three to four hours, we waited for the classes to finish so we can set it up inside the rooms. We started at almost 5pm and went home the next day when everybody else was already back at school (about 7am). 

Going without sleep that day was somehow fun. It was because I was doing something. I tell you, I wouldn't have survived that day without sleep if I wasn't busy. :) It was also a good thing that there was a 24-hour convenience store nearby for midnight and early morning cravings. Though I surely survived it on the day, the  feeling of sleepiness hit me the next day. So if there was another prompt like this, never try going for a day without sleep!

What did you give up for a day?

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