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October 31, 2013

I Will Remember You

The last day of October Daily everyone!  It's sad that this challenge ends today, yet I am happy to be relieved of blogging everyday. Aren't you? :) Were back to our usual blogging routines now, but I do hope that this challenge has taught us a blogging lesson or two!

The last day's prompt is: Who are the people you miss? What are the things that you miss doing together?

Old phone photos from 2010. 

Though we've only last seen some of each other this Sunday, I still miss these people aka my high school buddies. We have been together all throughout high school and we've been through a lot - no joke. I miss going to fiestas, taking photos, and joining and losing contests together among others. I miss the the early mornings where we would work on our homeworks together and the late afternoons spent in cleaning school surroundings. I know this is a short list of things, but if I were to continue, it will take me until dawn. Hehe. I am just glad that right now, amidst all our busy schedules on each of the paths that we have taken, we still find the time to catch up with each other. Now that we are graduating, I expect our reunions to be less often (I hope not). But I know that wherever we may be, we'll always have each other.

P.S. Watch out for a group giveaway! :)

Who do you miss?

October 30, 2013

Even a little help can feel fulfilling

Bonjour! Today's prompt is to share a generous act you did to a complete stranger. It's the second to the last prompt people! =)

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” 

It was already afternoon at that time, a couple of years ago, and I was in a hurry to get home for some reason. So, I hurriedly went out of the mall to the jeepney terminal. Passing by an ATM Machine, I noticed a lady - in her 30’s maybe - staring innocently at it, as if figuring out how to work it. I took a glimpse of her from the corner of my eye and swiftly passed by. Just as I passed, I heard her call me. Without second thought, I asked her if there’s something wrong. I knew it! She didn’t know how to use the machine. Oh, she’s like my Mom who needs to bring me everytime she has to use the ATM. Hehe. Anyway, considering that was in a hurry, I was hesitant to help her at first. Oh dear me, I didn’t know what to tell her. I’m not that all good at telling people directly what I really wanted to say, especially to a stranger. So, after a quick conversation with my conscience, I decided to give her a hand. It won’t take long. You just have to help her then go, I told myself. Besides, what harm would it make to help a person who asked nicely for assistance?

I instructed her how to do it. You put your card like this right here, wait a few seconds for the screen to change, then enter your pin, I told the lady. Of course, I was careful not to look over her shoulder haha. After a few more instructions, she finally retrieved a hundred peso bill. She then went on to get the remaining money in her ATM card while I waited until she finished.

After that, I kindly told her that I needed to get going. You know what she said? She thanked me and invited me for a snack! Being a shy girl that I am, I kindly declined her offer and made a move to go. But then she held my hand and put something in it. It was the hundred-peso bill that she withdrawed first. I sheepishly smiled and tried to return it but she hesitated. It was no big deal but I really did appreciate her token of kindness. :) As you may have expected, I walked away with a smile on my face that afternoon. I have to say that after that, the feeling of urgency was no longer there. :) 

More often, we tend to disregard the little things we do for people. Little do we know that for them, it's already big help. Even the littlest things we do make a mark on some people's lives. It may not be the noblest little thing you do, but as long as it helps, it counts. :)

What kind gesture did you offer a stranger lately?

Today is my Mom's birthday as well as the day my Aunt went back to Cebu! We started the day by attending mass and prepared a little feast for the celebrant which included chicken adobo and chicken tinola! Pinoy goodness! :) My brother and I also planned to buy Mom a surprise cake. My brother was supposed to buy the cake at the neighboring town after their beach party that afternoon. Unforunately they were not able to find a ride so the cake will have to wait till tomorrow. During the afternoon (they were at school), I found myself watching short films on Youtube. A Wong Fu Production film entitled The Last (which was posted on Facebook) started the little frenzy. Then I went on and clicked a few more clips that I actually enjoyed watching! Go take a peek at some of these wonderful videos! You Are Loved | The Plan | Signs

October 29, 2013

Happiness is...

Hey everyone! It's the 29th day of October Daily! Can you believe it's almost over? Yeah, me too! It's been a long month full of fun! High five to all whose been with me until today in this challenge! I've received about a couple of messages a week ago if there would be another challenge next month. Well I've got good and bad news for you all! The bad news is: No. There won't be a November challenge because I feel like we'll all be busy during the month, (right?) and that having another challenge immediately after one sounds stressful. I wouldn't want us all to be all stressed out of a blog-everyday schedule since all of us also has work and school to attend to. But the good news is that I have planned out another blog challenge for December that I hope you'll all love! Yay! I'll be posting the information during the last week of November so watch out for that! :) 

Today's prompt tells us to define happiness. I think I'm gonna pass writing a long post explaining happiness today because 1) it's almost ten and I'm feeling like I'm not having enough sleep and 2) I'm tired. I went to school today for enrolment and yes, I am officially enrolled in the last semester of college! I can't believe this is it. Just thinking about the future gives me shivers. But anyway, to make up for it, here's a song that pretty much describes what happiness is all about (and the first song that came into my mind for today's prompt! Sweet!) You can also find my definition of happiness in my Happy Lists! I wish you all a happy and wonderful week! :) Enjoy! 

Happiness Is from the musical "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown".
You can find the lyrics here.

How do you define happiness?
P.S. I'll get back to all of your email and comments soon. :)
October 28, 2013

Beautiful Brights

It's Day 28 of the October Daily! Only three days left and were almost done! Now I think we all probably know what it's like blogging everyday for a month! Ha!

Today's prompt is to do an outfit post. It's so unlikely of me to do an outfit post, but maybe I'll try sooner or later. Meanwhile, here is a photo of an outfit! Close enough? :)

Aren't the colors pretty? :) 

Show us some OOTD!
October 27, 2013

My 18th Birthday Bash

Is it the 27th already?? Wow! Even time is in a hurry! Today, we (my highschool friends and I) had a little gathering at the beach! See, we've made it our class tradition to reunite at least once a year during vacations. I will go into detail about that later in another post. :)

Meanwhile, today's October Daily prompt is: Imagine you are only seventeen right now, and your big 18th birthday bash is happening next month. How are you going to plan for it? Like: What would the theme be? How many people are invited? Will it happen at the beach? Be creative! It's your birthday after all. Don't forget the photos! :)

I have had my debut two years ago. It was a simple celebration and thanksgiving with a few friends and family. It wasn't extravagant, but it was already enough for me. :)  But if [we were rich and] I had to recreate that day, this would be it. :) Here are a few Pinterest photos!


The beach is just the perfect place for this occasion! It's just dreamy! Imagine: dancing to a slow music with the guys who hold the 18 roses, with the setting sun and the sound of beach waves in the background! Perfect! And the table setting is just the way I want it!

Plus, colorful floral centerpieces too!

Next, the cake! Or rather a 5-tier cupcake cake. Lol! This looks so so yummy! 

I'd love to wear a chiffon gown with these details and pink sandals. Or all of us can go barefoot because hellooo it's the beach! :) I'd have some curls on my hair too, plus a floral crown!

Hmm...what else? Oh yeah, the food! I think I'll leave that one for the chef? But I would like to see and taste something new, and of course there would be lots of chocolate desserts! The party will be among the family, family friends and a few close friends! The program will be just like the normal program for a debut, plus lots of dancing, talking and partying at the beach! Oh, and night swimming too! :D

How would you plan for your 18th birthday if you had a chance?

October 26, 2013

How to Win My Heart

So how to win my heart? Errr...the truth is, I'm not really sure how a guy can win me. I guess I'll know it when he comes? Haha! But since this challenge demands this, I did some thinking and came up with a few ways that a guy can win my heart.
  1. Be my best friend - It's good to have girl friends but it's definitely different to have a guy friend. I would love to have someone by my side, someone to tell all my secrets to and someone whom I can fall in love with! ;) 
  2. Surprise me! - I love surprises! Who doesn't? I would totally love it when a guy would surprise me with balloons or flowers or random whatnots, whether or not there is a special ocassion! Hint hint!
  3. Little love notes - If you can hide handwritten little notes of love inside my wallet, oh please do! Haha! I'd love that!
  4. Hugs! - no explanation needed.
  5. Gets along with my family and friends well
  6. Cleanliness (and neatness) is next to Godliness - I usually like guys who dress nicely - clean and neatly pressed clothes. Aaand smells good!
  7. Bonus points if a guy can write or sing me a love song! Come on! Who doesn't love that? Orrr, maybe make a playlist of some of my favorite songs, take me somewhere special and we'll both listen to it while watching the sunset! :) (omg too many hints!)
  8. Remember the dates - He should know that I'm a blogger, so I keep a planner. (Oh that rhymes!) So he should not dare forget the dates! Haha!
  9. Actions speak louder than words - you get the picture.
  10. Be true and be someone who can be trusted - Be warned. When I fall in love, I fall deep so don't you dare play games with me. Trust is like a neat piece of paper. Once crumpled, it'll never be the same again.
I figured there are still a lot of ways a guy can win my heart. But that's all for now. :) I can't give way too many hints ya know. Haha!

How can a guy/How did your guy win your heart? :)
October 25, 2013

#AskAwayFriday with Mrs Tiffany!

Hi everyone! How was your Friday so far? Mine is good! :) We had a surprise today! My Aunt, who is a Nun, came home from Cebu! She lives and teaches in Sisters of Mary School for Boys which is also affected by the earthquake that recently happened. They had all their students return to their places here in Iloilo until the aftershocks are over. She accompanied some of the boys in going home, so after that she proceeded home. And now here she is! We've just finished praying the rosary and now everyone's asleep (except me and my brother who's busy with the computer). :D

And since it's friday, it's time for #AskAwayFriday! Yippee-yay! (That rhymes!) A few days ago, I received a message on twitter from Mrs Tiffany inviting me to join the link-up and swap questions with her. It looks fun so I said yes! And here I am now, answering her questions! :)

I think one of the best blogging decisions I've made is having a blogging challenge, because I get to meet and know a lot of wonderful ladies including Mrs Tee, Team Haywood's Momma. =) She has six wonderful children and one loving husband she likes to call 'Hubby'. She blogs at Love Life Laughter which has a wonderful meaning to it - 'In every situation and scenario I’ve ever faced, Love Life and Laughter have gotten me through…the Love of my God my Hubby and my Kiddies plus the Life we are so Blessed with and the Laughter they always bring me. -Mrs Tee'. 

Now here are Mrs Tee's questions for me! Also when you're done, don't forget to visit her blog and see her answers to my questions! :) 

1. How did you come up with a name for a blog?
I had Maryiad for a blog name before I came up with SOB. It's a cross between Mary and myriad which translates to something like 'the different sides of Mary'. Does that makes sense? Lol! Anyway, the reason behind the blog name is in the name itself. I could have thought of something nicer but this one is special because it descibes pretty much what this blog is - a secret obsession. None of my family members (well maybe except my 12 yo sister) and friends know that I have a blog. It's a secret. Blogging has become more of a daily routine ever since I began at the start of 2012. I was hooked and kind of obsessed with it. So that's how Secret Obsession came about. :)

2. Being a Tourism Major, what are some of the places on the top of your to go List?
I figured I should visit a few places from our continent first, so here are my Top 5 to-go places in Asia.
  1. Macau -  I would love love love to go around Macau on foot in the evening!
  2. Thailand - I'd want to visit the Temples as well as the resorts!
  3. Korea - just because! :)
  4. Taiwan - I saw on TV once that Taiwan has these beautiful resorts on top of their mountains and I'd like to pay it a visit. :)
  5. Malaysia - I'd love to see the Petronas towers plus visit all the wonderful nature reserves/National Parks!
3. Is this your first blog? If not, what was your prior one like?
This would be my second blog. I've had one in Tumblr that I started more than a year ago. It was also a personal blog but with way more personal posts. Mostly, I would blab about how my day went, write essays about my crush (haha), post random photos and one-liners and reblog. Typical tumblr blogger. Lol! 
4. What do you do to relax?
I read blogs! :) Isn't that a fun way to relax? Or sometimes, I put on some slow music, lie in bed and feel the fresh country air. Sometimes, I read a book or two. :D
5. Where do you see yourself in five years?
In five years, I see myself as a succesful woman who has a stable job, and has already crossed off all of her 'Goals before 25' bucketlist (which I am yet to make). 
6. Does your family read your blog?
Nope. :) They don't even know I have one. 
7. What is your favorite guilty pleasure food (I know the internet is you guilty activity...lol)?
Cake and chocolates. Yeah, I can sometimes finish several servings of cake or even a whole big bar of Kitkat's. Haha!
8. Would you rather go bowling or catch a movie?
I don't know how to bowl so I think I'll just watch a movie. I'd really want to learn how to bowl, though.
9. Would you rather type or hand write a letter?
Though I fancy typing, I would rather hand write a letter especially when its a personal one. I think that makes it even more special. :)
10. My signature question: are you part of the Coffee Crew or the Tea Team?
Honestly, neither. Sorry guys. Haha! I both love coffee and tea. As for coffee, I'd love an ice-cold one and as for tea, I love milk tea! :)
Yay! All done with Mrs Tee's questions! :) Join us next week on Ask Away Friday! I'ts simple! All you need to do is find a friend whom you can swap questions with on or before Wednesday of the week, post your answers up on Friday, and link-up on the co-hosts' blog! You can go tweet about it too using the #AskAwayFriday hashtag.

We'll be expecting you next week on the link-up! :)

My Little Hometown

Now that is one beautiful sight!

Yippee-yay! Today I get to show you all my beloved little hometown! I live in a humble and small town towards the southern west tip of Panay Island here in the Philippines. It's a town full of greenery, fresh air and hospitable people. It's a fourth class municipality but it's constantly thriving to become more progressive. In here, people are living the simple country life, which is just the way I like it. Waking up to a fresh morning air and the sound of birds, seeing the sun set behind the mountains, having neighbors who are like family, the quiet afternoons, the joyful town celebrations and the clean crisp evening air - these are just some of the wonderful things about this town that keep me coming back and never want to leave. 

We may be a small town but we have everything we need right here. We have a plaza adorned with landscaped plants, a playground, basketball court, a huge market, and public transportation to the city from early morning till five. As for our tourist spots, we have a two-century old Calachuchi tree that grows beside our Municipal Hall, a mountain formed by legends, as well as tempting waterfalls! Actually, you can see our main tourist spots in one place - painted on a wall at our fish market. Creative, yes? :) Now let me take you to a peek through our town with these photos!

October 24, 2013

A Letter to Yong Hwa

Today's prompt is: Write a letter to someone whom you judged by first impression. It can be a serious or a humorous one! I don't like serious so I'm gonna do a bit of a humorous take on this one! Lol! I hope you do find my humor humorous, if that makes sense. Haha.

So I am going to write a letter to Yong Hwa, one of my errr... celeb crushes. I don't usually let people see my fangirl side but for the sake of this one, here ya go! Haha!


Dearest Yong Hwa:

Hi Yooo~ng! First of all, I apologize for I can't find a handsome photo of you. In most of the photos on google, either you were serious or the photo is crappy. Are you still reading this? Lol! Anyway, I'm sorry if I judged you based on first and physical impression. The first time I saw you, I thought "Oh here comes another Korean Heartthrob, another playboy. Tsss." Sorry about that but come on, you definitely look the part! You were another K-pop guy my friends go gaga all over. I am a Koreanovela/K-pop fan too, but not to the point that I shriek whenever I see my Korean idol on TV or even learn their complete biography. Haha! Only a die-hard fan does that. But you know what made me change my mind about you? I mean, about the playboy part? If you're guessing your We Got Married show with Seo Hyun, you got it right! 

My friends have been watching your reality show during vacant periods, and I happen to take a peek. Eventually, I found out that you're not just another gangsta guitarist. You are actually a good guy! And what's great to know is that you are caring and have such high respect for women. I loved your humor and how you are able to break the ice! Ever since I took a peek, I was hooked! From then on, I've become a fan. I've seen your movie Heartstrings and To a Beautiful You which are all good! And another thing: I don't know where you get it but your voice is just powerful! When I heard you and Seo Hyun sing your first and unrehearsed duet, I was blown away! 

So to end this short letter, I'd like to wish you all the best of luck in your career! Fighting! :)

Your fan,

Link up your letters below!

A Day with Erich

Hello mah ladies! I purposely did not do yesterday's prompt since I didn't feel like doing it and we got kind of busy here at home. See, yesterday was my Grandfather's 81st birthday.  Since Mom was busy with school and preparations for the incoming Sports Meet, I was tasked with the food preparations. We had a little gathering by dinnertime between family and relatives in the neighborhood. We had cake and spaghetti (because what's a birthday without cake and spaghetti, right?) plus several chicken menus (chicken for the win!). It was a tiring day given that kitchen help aka my aunts and uncles arrived only late in the afternoon. Nevertheless, I still had a good time. :)  

Anyway, here's mine for Day 23 of the October Daily! The prompt: If you could hang out with a celebrity for a day, who would that celebrity be? Why did you choose to hang out with him/her? What would you do or where would you spend that day?

Ladies and gents, let me introduce to you the lovely Erich Gonzales! If she's not familiar to you, that's because she's a Filipina actress! To give you a little bit of background, she made her way to showbiz through a reality talent search that I happen to watch - the same talent search that Sandara Park won before she became Dara of 2ne1. She had several supporting roles before she landed a major role in Katorse that became her portal to stardom. If you're from Thailand or Cambodia, then you've probably seen her first international movie with Mario Maurer entitled Suddenly It's Magic!

Aside from being a fan, I chose to hang out with her because I think we can get along so well! I truly admire her bubbly and playful personality and she is very down-to-earth and humble despite her fame. I don't know much about her personal life (because I'm that kind of fan. lol) but I believe she has gone through so much in life and she is reaping her rewards right now. I saw her once at a mall and I have to admit, she is really pretty and kind! I even dubbed her as 'Filipina Barbie', and indeed she was really called that. Did you notice that little scar on her lower left chin (above photo)? She refused to have it go into some kind of surgery because she believes that this is her lucky charm!

I have only admired Erich from afar and able to know only what she chooses to reveal, but I'd like to know more about her. Given that, maybe we can fly off to Macau, go to a little resto and gossip share like what are her secrets to success and how she was able to be where she is now! Then we'd go visit the Venetian Macau (like go inside all of the shops in there) as well as the Galaxy (and we can play Casino! Haha), have dinner at a fancy restaurant (her treat. :] ) and we'll go roaming the evening streets of Macau! That would be wonderful and très mémorable! :) 

Who would you want to hang out with?
October 22, 2013

Book Review: True Blue by Luanne Rice

Hi everyone! It's Day 22 of the October Daily! How fast is this month! Today's prompt tells us to do a review about anything! So, here goes a review of a book from my new favorite author Luanne Rice!  

True Blue is a story about two sisters, Rumer and Elizabeth Larkin, and the boy next door, Zeb Mayhew. Veterinarian Rumer Larkin never felt the need to stray from Hubbard's point. Rich with legends of seafaring spirits and lost treasures, the rustic village still echoes with the memories of Rumer's past - even after those she loved have left. But now, so many summers after Zeb broke her heart, he has returned with his teenage son, and Rumer knows her quiet life will never be the same again.

Zeb has come back hoping to reconnect with his son, with the past and all its mistakes. Suddenly facing Rumer again, Zeb discovers where he belongs. He could never forget the girl who used to climb onto his roof with him to watch the stars. But neither Zeb nor Rumer knows if it's too late to do more than regret the path not taken - or if every path leads us back to the one true love of our life...

"a story of a love lost - and saved - by the power of what was truly meant to be"

I am so glad I didn't have any doubts in buying this book! Once I read the plot, I knew it would be a really good book! And so it was! The story has an interesting twist to it and so many surprises! Alongside, there is also another love story in the making. :) To give you a little bit of a spoiler: Yes, Zeb Mayhew (astronaut) married Elizabeth Larkin (actress) and they had a son. I felt totally sorry for Rumer in this. Imagine having your sister marry your first love! Ouchie. As you can see, there is some sort of sister rivalry happening in here. Things haven't been well between Zeb and Liz and you can picture how difficult this is for Michael, their son. Zeb wanted to reconnect with Michael so he takes him to where they came from - Hubbard's point. From here, their lives are changed forever. If you believe in unicorns and the power of fate and destiny, this book is totally for you! 

Honestly, I picked this book up because somehow, I can relate to it. Lol! You know, first love, one great love and all that jazz - but not the 'marrying' part though lol. Once I started reading, I couldn't put the book down! Her writing is so compelling and exquisite! When I read, I can see a clear picture of what's happening in my head - and that's what I want when I read a book. I want to be able to picture it - at the same time see how it will come as a movie lol. She has the gift that enables her to write something that evokes feelings and connect events in such a wonderful way (I really am loss for words!) I believe that this book is perfect and Rice is a real genius! Ten stars!

Here are some wonderful (and highlighted) lines/sentences from the book:

  • Why do you spend all your time chasing starlight? That's all it is, you know. By the time that light travels through space, the star might not even exist anymore. Earth, Zeb. That's where people belong. - 15 year old Rumer to 15 year old Zeb.
  • I tracked you from space, he whispered. I never stopped...even while I was with Elizabeth. I've watched for you all this time.
  • Only instead of leaving a part of myself behind, I was sending it ahead. Straight from my heart, all these years...I was sending it from where I was, up there, down to you. At the speed of light...only I was so far away, it's taken till now for it to arrive.
  • Who cared about being pretty? I'd stare in the mirror and wish I were smarter - then I'd be as good as you. . .You were natural - no makeup, never time to fix your hair...everyone loved you.
  • If this were a shipwreck, I'd save your life.
What product, item or place did you review?
October 21, 2013

Takeover Tuesday (On a Monday): Meet Apple

Howdy mates! Today's prompt is a bit different because we won't be posting about ourselves or our routines. Today, we will be posting about another blogger! Yippee! This is very timely since I have my Takeover Tuesdays coming up tomorrow! So without further adieu, here's Apple of Little Cartographer

For a little introduction, Apple is also a senior college student from my country - a kababayan! We virtually met months ago through the Better Blogger Network! She, in her own words, is a hopeless romantic, a proud bookworm, an INFP, a struggling artist, and an aspiring writer. I tell you, she's a really great writer! She's even featured on Freshly Pressed! How cool is that? 

Who is your favorite blogger? Why do you like her/him?
I keep tabs on local (Filipino) bloggers separately, so my favorite among these is currently Camie Juan of Wild Spirit. She has a great blog and personality: she’s creative, imaginative, independent, and funny. Internationally, it’s Sarah Von Bargen of Yes and Yes. She’s so well-organized, creative, ambitious, and kind of brilliant as far as I can tell. Seeing a new blog post from them on my feed always gets me excited. 

How did you come up with your current blog name?
This is a jumbled-up explanation, so bear with me. Haha. A couple of years ago, some new friends nicknamed me “Maps,” which is another long story in itself. I soon discovered the word “cartographer” from a short story, which means “map-maker.” I loved the word, and it made sense to me. Calling myself a cartographer sort of means that I’m a maker of myself, which I pretty much am J It also sets the tone of my blog, which is reflective and personal.

If you were given a chance to have a free blog makeover, who would you want to do the make-over for you? :)
I would want Allie Principe of Four-Eyed Wonder because I think she has incredible taste and talent in design. Her style is clean but not bland, with pops of color; it's a style I relate with and which I have been trying to master all year. I am secretly a fangirl of hers. Haha. 

If you were given a chance to ask a celebrity 3 questions, who would that celebrity be and what would you ask?
I’d ask Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone and/or Natalie Portman:
1. What is the issue or advocacy closest to you?
2. What do you think young girls today need to hear or know?
3. If you would be remembered for one thing after you die, what would you want it to be?
I picked these women and these questions because I think they are or they could be great role models to girls everywhere, and their stand on issues is important and influential.

What is your biggest pet peeve?
This is a hard one, because I have a lot! But I decided to go for something I call the "victim complex." This is when a person sees himself or herself as the victim in any situation, even in cases where no one is at fault. An example is Ross Geller in FRIENDS, who has major victim issues. His shampoo and conditioner spilled in his bag and he yelled, "Why do bad things happen to good people?"
Is there a particular movie or TV series that you preferred over the book version?
As a "book-was-better" purist, this is rare for me. But I really really liked The Great Gatsby. It’s said to be one of the greatest, if not the greatest, American novels there are, but I didn’t enjoy it (although I did understand its message). The movie, on the other hand, felt beautiful, full of meaning, and brilliantly ironic: compliments usually awarded to the book.

P.S. It's exactly 10 days before the October Daily ends! Yippee!!!

Full Blog Design Giveaway + More Awesome Prizes

Hello you guys! I am so excited to announce to you that I am taking part in Sabrina's month-end giveaway! I'll be giving $15 off on a Full Blogger Design along with other awesome prizes from these lovely ladies!

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Go ahead and join in!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
October 20, 2013

What's in my [School] Bag

Hey everyone! How are you? I hope you had/are having a great Sunday! :) Today's prompt is to show what's inside our bag! This is fun! I've been meaning to do this months ago but today seems the right time! These are my school essentials aka the things you can always find in my school bag! :) 

Let's start from the bottom!

1. G-tech Pen - I am in love with this one! I've had this pen since a year ago, perhaps, and I've refilled this for about three times already! It's fine pointed which is why my handwriting always comes out clean and nice! :p

2. Blog Notebook - You never know when that brilliant blogging/post idea might come up! I'm the kind who just writes something important everywhere and I tend to forget afterwards. So it's important to always have this notebook everytime. That's how it looks like once opened. Excuse the sloppy handwriting. :D

3. Steno Notebook - That would be my notebook for French, Entrepreneurship, Psychology, Finance and pretty much just about every subject! Were all about handouts and photocopies now so there's really no need to buy a notebook for every subject. Well that's college.

4. Diary - I just felt the need to bring this just in case someone comes rummaging through my drawer, finds and reads this...*facepalm*, end of the world! It contains some of my deepest, darkest secrets...or not. Just some details of good and bad days plus photos of me and my cousins!


5. Wallet - This is where all the discount cards, receipts and other little pieces of paper are found. Okay, I can't believe I'm saying this, but yes, I'm a fangirl! Lol!

6. Coin purse - for the coins duh. :)

7. Earphones - because sometimes I want to enjoy my playlist alone.

8. Uhhh, beauty kit? - Lol! that's about it, folks! Oh I forgot to include the comb in the photo! But I tell you, these three remain untouched inside my bag. Except maybe for the compact powder. But the lipsticks? Nah.

9. Handouts - last but not the least! This is what takes the most space inside my bag. Psh.

There you have it! :) I hope I did not miss anything. Haha.

You? What's in your bag?

October 19, 2013

The Things I believe in

Hello everyone! It's currently 10 PM in here. I love the cold and quiet. :) Today was indeed busy. Early in the morning, I prepared breakfast for my sister who will be joining a Read-A-Thon at a nearby town (and she won first place! Great job sissy!). Afterwhich, we prepared to attend the interment of a neighbor. Right after that, we went to the city to buy some things needed for the incoming District Sports Meet that will be held here in our town. I thought it would just be a quick appointment but maaaan, it was long and tiring! It took us 7 hours to finish all transactions even if we never left the block. But it was still fun since I get to bond with my Mom. :) 

It's Day 19 of the October Daily! The prompt: Tell us about something you believe in.

I believe in the power of a genuine smile. I once heard a story about a guy who was really depressed. He had plenty of problems in his life. That early morning, he went for a walk at the bridge. On the way, a man doing his morning jog passed by him and greeted him a good morning. The man looked at him in the eyes and smiled - a genuine one. He saw the kind expression on the man's eyes. He continued walking, but came to sudden halt. From there, he turned back and went home. Want to know why? That morning, he had planned to end his life by jumping on that bridge. The thought was on his mind the whole time, until this man passed by him. Perhaps, he realized that he should change his life's perspective, stop worrying about his problems and be optimistic. But one thing is for sure, he was changed by the man who smiled at him - a simple yet powerful gesture. A smile can somehow mend a broken heart, comfort a friend and make the world a better and brighter place to live in.

(see tomorrow)
I believe in true love.
I believe that there is hope even in the darkest of days.
I believe in the will of God.

P.S. It's been a busy week and I'm catching up on reading all of your blogs! :) Have a great weekend!

What are the things you believe in?

October 18, 2013

Smelling memories

"Why does smell seem to act as such a powerful memory trigger? First, the olfactory nerve is located very close to the amygdala, the area of the brain that is connected to the experience of emotion as well as emotional memory. In addition, the olfactory nerve is very close to the hippocampus, which is associated with memory as you learned earlier in this article. 

The actual ability to smell is highly linked to memory. Research has shown that when areas of the brain connected to memory are damaged, the ability to identify smells is actually impaired. In order to identify a scent, you must remember when you have smelled it before and then connect it to visual information that occurred at the same time. According to some research, studying information in the presence of an odor actually increases the vividness and intensity of that remembered information when you smell that odor again." - Excerpt from 10 Facts About Memory by Kendra Cherry

There you go. A little lecture on how smell is linked to memory or vice versa! You can learn about it by clicking the link above! Today's prompt is to name at least three scents that trigger a good or bad memory. Isn't it amazing how scents can transport us back to places or events and remind us of people? Cool beans! As for me, I'll be sharing perfumes and a shampoo that bring good memories back! 

1. Fashion Fever Eau de Parfum - It's that perfume pictured above. I bought it at Sasa (a perfume store) at Senado Square, Macau during our tour last year. I kid you not, it smells like the lobby of Galaxy Macau! So, everytime I would spray it on, memories of Macau would flash before me - the amazing Diamond Show, the Crystals, the feel of the Casino, walking at the streets of Macau late in the evening, the wonderful Venetian Macau, the singing gondola man and much more! I would love love to come back there someday!

2. Penshoppe's Bella Scent - I think this was the very first perfume that I finished. Lol! I tell ya, I rarely finish a bottle of perfume. This one reminds me of this high school memory. Whenever I would wear or smell this perfume, I would remember that certain event - our practices, tours, bonding moments, the night itself and the winning moment. Which is why I dub this as my 'good-luck perfume'. Lol!

3. Palmolive's Silky Straight Shampoo - Lol! It's the violet one. This was the shampoo I had brought to Baguio during the TeenNegosyo (a week-long business seminar for students) during high school. This smell reminds me of the things we did other than attending the seminar. Of course we had to do the tourist thing since we don't always go to Baguio. We went to the Mines View Park, Burnham Park, Camp John Hay, Philippine Military Academy, the Cathedral and more! I think we even rented a Taxi or a jeepney for that. Haha! It was a really fun experience!

P.S. Have you already chosen a blogger who will guest post on your blog? :) The 21st is just around the corner!

What scents remind you of good things?
October 17, 2013

Purely by Accident

Hey everyone! This week has been totally wonderful (and busy)! There's the October Daily that keeps me hyped and excited everytime, as well as all the wonderful friends I've made! You may have also read that I just opened my blog design services! Yippee! I'm so excited to show to you the layout I made for my very first client, Miranda of Purely by Accident

She was aiming for a simple, clean, provocative and inviting layout with the use of her favorite color! I'm not sure if I nailed the provocative part but she loved it! I am more than glad that she did! I had so much fun doing the layout, and Miranda was a real pleasure to work with! Go check out her site's new look in action! Aaaannd, Miranda is also a Vlogger, which is cool! You can get to know more about the lovely Miranda on her Youtube Channel, too!

The Real Purpose of Blogging

Holla! It Thursday! And you know what that means! Time for Throwback Thursday! And speaking of that, I totally forgot to post this week's Takeover Tuesday! Whoops!

Today's prompt is to raid your archives and post something you want your readers to read again. As for me, I raided my other blog's archives, and found this! I wrote this probably when I started my first blog under this account. This other blog contained all my past Tumblr posts that I had imported thru Wordpress. Yup. Tumblr-Wordpress-Blogger because I couldn't find a tutorial on how to import Tumblr to Blogger directly. Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading thoughts of my 19 year old self!

When I was in my pre-teen years, I've read about blogging in the magazines. I've always wondered what this 'blogging' was all about, so one day I tried to look up this blog featured on it. Though the stylistic headers of these blogs caught my attention more than the blog itself, I still found the whole thing pretty interesting. I've signed up to various platforms such as Wordpress, LiveJournal etcetera. No luck. I forgot all my passwords. Lately, I signed up about twice into Tumblr and finally got the hang of it. I knew how blogging worked - maybe not. Everyday, (as I have read from blogging articles) you have to come up with a brilliant idea of what to blog - something that your readers would like and make them coming back for more every single day. Yet I just can't keep up with that idea. Then, due to a little bit of laziness and a lot of school work, my daily posts (which mostly consisted of the daily routine) turned to weekly. So here goes the question "What do I get when I blog?". Pimples, probably because I stay late at night thinking about what to blog the next day. Friends, yes because I just don't blog, I interact with my readers too. So I get readers and friends. What's next? After years (some, months) of blogging, my blog becomes famous, making it earn. So when I blog, I get to have money. But let's not get to the part where my blog sells (because I've never been there, not even close) because that's not the whole point of having a blog (unless it's a business-driven blog). I realized that blogging has another purpose - and by purpose, I mean real purpose. You've often seen blogs (perhaps Tumblr blogs) that say 'I blog to express, not to impress.' When you get a new camera, you brag blog. When you had a fight with a friend, you blog, and then cry. When you have to deal with a really big problem, you blog (but you don't just blog when you're dealing with a big problem, you pray too.) That's what you call real purpose. To express. To let your feelings out. To tell the world beautiful things. To share to the world how you see things or what you know that we don't.

To blog is to express. It's like your diary - the only difference is that you can't doodle on your monitor the way you doodle on your diary.

A blog is a friend. When I blog something out, I can feel that certain satisfaction from within me. You can't explain it, but it's there. A blog is a friend. It is a friend because you can talk to it (but the truth is that you're merely talking to yourself). It does not answer back, but it listens. It does - plus the whole world (if they ever get to read your posts).

So there, I've made yet another blog with an unbelievably lengthy introduction which, for some may appear as a short essay. All I really want to say is, Welcome Readers! Hakuna Matata! :)

Post written last November 3, 2012. 

What have you got for today's prompt? Link up below!
October 16, 2013

Goals and Dreams before 2014 Ends

Hello you guys! Today's prompt tells us to share our goals and dreams in life. I'm twenty, young and still have so much to do in life. So I say a bucketlist is very essential to keep track of my goals and keep me inspired. 

Way back when I started this blog, I had written 25 things that I plan to do before I reach the age of 25. What I had written back then were things like 'Go back to Disneyland', 'Write a feature for Living Asia', and 'Learn how to drive a car' among others. Some weren't really goals or dreams, but dares. But reading those list again, I told myself "It won't take five years for all of these to be done!". I should have made something like a 20 things to do before I say buh-bye to twenty, right? Lol.

So today, I'll be listing down my goals and dreams before the year 2014 ends. Hopefully, I'll be able to cross everything out from this list before that times comes. I have more or less a year and a quarter to do these things. I'll also be including goals from my bucketlist of 25. Here it is. :)
  1. Learn Nihonggo for a subject this second semester.
  2. Have a successful Tourism Fair come February next year.
  3. Graduate college with flying colors.
  4. Have an overnight stay at the beach with High School batchmates for a Graduation celebration!
  5. Get a good paying job after college. 
  6. Take the Civil Service Sub-Professional Exam.
  7. Open a savings account.
  8. Apply for a job abroad.
  9. Write a feature for Living Asia.
  10. Formally open a blog design website.
  11. Host yet another blogging challenge.
  12. Celebrate the first year of my blog with a giveaway! Surprise?
  13. Own a dachshund.
  14. Get into photography classes.
  15. Learn how to drive a car.
  16. Travel solo to a totally different place.
  17. Buy myself a Canon 600D.
I think that's all - for now. :) I have lots of things going on in my mind when I get inspired, and sometimes I forget, so I really need to write 'em down before the thoughts fade away. Sometimes I even talk to myself about the future like a lunatic. Haha! So there goes my list!

What're your goals and dreams?
October 15, 2013

A Problem-Free Philosophy

Hello everyone! Oh look! We're halfway October! Yippee! I'm very happy that a lot of you are still joining! :D Posting everyday for a month is no joke. It can be exhausting, but it's a lot of fun when you have wonderful friends (yes, you!) who are with you! Thanks everyone! I hope you're still enjoying the challenge as much as I do!

Now onto to today's prompt: Tell us your favorite word and describe it in photos. :) 

Yup. You guessed it! My favorite word is Hakuna Matata! Oh wait, that's two words! Here, let me just... HAKUNAMATATA. There, one word! Lol! Okay, it's actually two words. It doesn't really make sense with only Hakuna or Matata because they're partners. Like Timon and Pumbaa! Apologies for cheating a little bit in there. Now let the photos speak for themselves. :)

striaghtgeeked420 on Tumblr


Zhiellah Manuel

No worries! I especially love that photo of a pair of boys sitting on a bamboo. They seem to enjoy the rain and the fish that they caught so much. Oh to be just kids. I wonder if that photo was taken at our country, or maybe somewhere in Asia. But those boys look a lot like Filipino's! :)

 Disclaimer: All images are via Pinterest.

You? What's your favorite word?


So I am now officially making blog layouts! Yay! To celebrate this, I am holding a Blog Design Sale that features 30% off on a Full Blogger Design for the first five ladies who place their order! Isn't it an awesome deal? Contact me now! Hurry! We have only 4 slots left! :)

October 14, 2013

Top Five Favorite Posts

Does my post title sound like a tongue twister? Hiya! It's me again! But who else would it be? Lol! How are you doing? Me, I'm doing great! :) The sun has just shone amidst gray clouds and the threat of rain. I'm currently listening to old songs I copied from my Dad's phone. I have to admit that I kind of love some of it. :)

So today's prompt tells us to share our top five favorite posts in our blog! Ooh I can't wait to visit your blogs and read what you've posted! Here are five of my all time favorites! 

1. Life Lessons Worth Sharing. A list of some of the things that I have realized and learned within my twenty years of existence. I hope that when you read it, you'll learn something too. :)

2. Things A Twenty Year Old Should Know. This list is part of The List of Seven Series on this blog. The content is pretty obvious, though. :)

3. My Little Autobiography. Here goes my life in 250 words or less, for your enjoyment. :D

4. Blogging Tips From An Amateur. A short list of tips I have learned throughout my blogging journey. :)

5. Our HongKong-Shenzhen-Macau Adventure! A three-part retell of last year's tour which happened October 12-15! Perfect timing! This day and time last year, were probably enjoying the little trains at Windows of the World! I was the Head Coordinator for this tour, so it's pretty special. 


I hope you enjoy backreading some of my favorite posts! And I hope you like them as much as I do! :)

What are your favorite posts?