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September 19, 2013

Throwback: Korean Restaurant Experience

September 29, 2012. Today was a totally different experience. See, my friend (a K-Pop fan) introduced us to this Korean restaurant which is about two jeepney rides from the city. The restaurant is located in a village and we had to ride a tricycle to get to since it was scorching hot and we were already so hungry. It was past twelve when we got there. ;)
imageUpon entering, we removed our slippers (korean tradition) and went in. It was waaayyy better than the first Korean Restaurant we dined in! It seems that you’re really in a Korean Restaurant! (Duh? LOL!) So there, we ordered Gal-bi (says my friend) which is what they call marinated beef. As for me, the only food I know by the name is Kimchi and ramen or ramyun. Shame. Anyways, I’ve always thought Kimchi was some kind of meat or something. Turns out, it was a veggie!

There goes a lot of side dishes! We had Kimchi, Fried Kimchi, eggs in a sauce of some sort, sweet potato which my friends call Goguma (am I right?), and a lot more. I loved the Fried Kimchi and Goguma!! Of course we had rice since a meal wouldn't be complete without it. We are Filipino’s after all. :)


I’ve worked on the chopsticks and I’m getting used to it. XD Hihi. It’s pretty fun. That’s Gal-bi cooking above charcoal on the photo above.

During our ‘sumptous’ lunch.


I have to admit that I had my stomach full after that. It was just great! 155 pesos for lunch was worth it! I’ll definitely look forward to the next time we’ll eat there. :)

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