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September 22, 2013

The Sunday Currently 1.0

Happy Sunday lovelies! I hope you are all feeling good today. It's pretty rainy in here. I am currently sitting at my favorite spot in my room, which is beside the window. In front of me is my laptop, and next to it is a pile of binders waiting to be opened. I can feel the cold winds blowing and I like it very much. The frogs are are doing their thing - making noise after the rain.

Currently, I am also...

  • Reading The Memory Keeper's Daughter. I'm not even halfway considering that I started it probably months ago. I just can't get the time to read it straight. :/ I took a sneak peek at the succeeding chapters and they're getting interesting. More or less I will start it over again when I find time. :) 
  • Writing this Sunday Currently post + the things we need to buy for our exhibit which is to be set up tomorrow afternoon. 
  • Listening to Ryan Cabrera's I Will Remember You. This song brings back all the high school memories! It makes me miss them so much more.
  • Thinking about a lot of things involving school (e.g. exhibits, portfolios). 
  • Smelling Wish's First Kiss perfume next to me.
  • Wishing that it's Christmas already. I can't wait for the holidays too come!
  • Hoping that time would slow down so I can catch up with things.
  • Wearing a pink shirt with a cute little voodoo doll sewed on it and floral shorts. 
  • Loving my new layout! I love the colors so much! I'm totally digging the floral wreath I got from Shabby Blogs! I feel like I'm going to stick with this for a long time.
  • Wanting a cone of Cornetto! Or maybe two. I miss eating Ice Cream! Perhaps a Magnum? :D
  • Needing to get my portfolio and daily log finished! The deadline is in barely two weeks!
  • Feeling the cold winds blow. Christmas, please be here already...
  • Clicking on and checking out blogs from the link-up! This is fun!

What are you currently doing on this beautiful sunday? Join the link-up!

*The .gif does not belong to me.

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