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September 28, 2013

The Happy List 3.0

A view from the Ruins of St. Paul, Macau 2012
  1. Knowing that a lot of bloggers are going to join the October Daily! Thank you guys! :) This makes me really giddy excited!
  2. Little bonding moments with my brother (He's in uni now so we only rarely see each other)
  3. The sight of super cute 3-year old twins on the ride home
  4. Getting to the good part of a novel
  5. Getting to read a novel from a newfound author
  6. Winning 2nd place for this year's exhibit contest (the effort was totally worth it!)
  7. The sight of the beach
  8. The smell of the ocean
  9. Old songs
  10. Extended vacations
  11. Receiving a giveaway from CN Blue's concert thru a friend (a card with Shin's photo!)
  12. Sweets
  13. Belting out a song that's out of tune (it's how I entertain myself. lol)
  14. The smell of a really good perfume
  15. Dining at a new place and discovering that the food is really worth the price
  16. Reminiscing last year's HongKong-Shenzhen-Macau Tour
  17. Naturally waking up early (no alarms and mom shaking me awake, just pure body clock)
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Happy Saturday!

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