Sunday Currently 2.0

View of the skyline from our 'house' in Taytay, Rizal.

It's a fine Sunday afternoon y'all! Time for another round of Sunday Currently! :)

  • Reading The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy. I know I'm still not done with The Memory Keeper's Daughter but, laters baby. TGST is a new book I found on sale (99 pesos!) at National Bookstore last Friday. It is a story set in Kerala, India that tells about the tragic decline of an Indian family whose members suffer the terrible consequences of forbidden love. It's my first read from Roy and I believe this is going to be a good one. 
  • Writing entries in my daily log. I am such a lazy student! Lol. It's due on Friday, together with the portfolio, and I swear I'm going to finish it before Wednesday dawns. \m/
  • Listening to New York and the sound of the tv just outside my room. They're watching cartoon network. Ah, kids. 
  • Thinking about how to transfer my photos from camera to PC when my card reader won't read the memory card, and the camera's adapter has been misplaced. Anybody, help?
  • Smelling the September winds. 
  • Wishing I could play the piano and write a song. 
  • Hoping for a wonderful week ahead. ♥
  • Wearing my fave Jack Daniels shirt (it's like the only JD shirt I own) and shorts.
  • Loving this new song I heard from Gia's post - New York by Snow Patrol. Is it weird that I've been constantly replaying and listening to it the whole time I'm writing this post?
  • Wanting a pet. Preferably dachshunds, because they are so cute and loving! My aunt had her baby pups from Daphne (mother dachshund) last month and I hope she gives us one. :)
  • Needing sleep. I feel like I still haven't recovered from staying up all night and all day long working on the exhibit.
  • Feeling tired from doing the laundry. Thank God for washing machines, I don't have to wash it by hand.
  • Clicking on blogs of girls who linked-up on the October Daily! :) I'm also clicking on another Snow Patrol song called You Could Be Happy

Join the link-up here! Also, if you're running out of ideas about what to post this October, then you might want to check out the October Daily! :)


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