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September 20, 2013

Get the VSCO Effect with Photoshop

I'm not much of a vintage junkie but don't you just adore blogs that have a vintage feel to them, especially the photos? VSCO Cam, according to what I've read, is an application for Apple products that offers a variety of good presets that mimic the look of film photos. It has become very popular that one article said it could be the next Instagram! 

It's sad that this is only available for Apple products. There's news that it'll be available for Android 4.0 soon (or is there already?) But whether or not, there's good new for us non-Apple users! This afternoon, I was browsing through blogs and came upon Hannah Rose Beasley's blog. She has an amazing step by step tutorial here and another updated one here on how to vsco-ize your photos! What's better is that she's provided a Photoshop action that's ready to download, too! Fabulous! 

Here are a couple of photos I tested.

I personally like the first one. It gives a more vintage vibe rather than the second. Though the latter seems to have more of a film effect to it. What do you think? :)

Now here's another photo, to end the post! If you've found some wonderful VSCO-like actions for Photoshop, share it in the comments! We'd love to try it too! Happy Friday! xx

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