Acne Solution: Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5 and Adapalene Gel

As we all know, a good image matters. And in order to have that good image, we need good skin. Right? I remember when I was still in elementary, I used to get pimples in my nose area. It would happen often that my nose always gets red. Thus, my classmates would call me Rudolph, as in the reindeer. (You're familiar with him right? Had a very shiny nose and all?) I didn't care anyway because I thought it'll be gone sooner or later. But I was wrong. Pimples still popped up every now and then. The annoying ones are those filled with pus. Ew! I tend to pop them sometimes which is supposedly a big no-no. So in order to hopefully eradicate the annoying pimps, I tried various facial products one after another. Some just triggered pimples. Some successfully removed it but came back after I stopped using the product. Still I continued to try several products that could possibly stop these pimples from growing around my nose. I've used Ponds a lot and my skin does not like it. I use Safeguard on my face too since it fights bacteria. It was a bit okay at first since it's just in the nose area, but during my fourth year in high school, I got them all over my face! I was horrified of course! I guess it was the first time I had pimples all over my face, especially on the cheeks. It continued during my first year in college and I felt like it was pulling down my self-esteem. 

One time, someone recommended I use Cetaphil which is a gentle facial cleanser. It worked but most of it was still there. Well at least it cleaned my face. I felt like it was a bad case of acne. I tried doing research on how to get rid of it, but I was afraid I would just worsen the condition. Then sometime in September of 2011, a friend recommended that I visit this dermatologist. She said she had acne all over her face once, but she got rid of it and she's totally got her clear skin back. I told my mom about this dermatologist, so we scheduled a day to visit her. We got to see her during the second visit since she was out in Europe or something the first time we went there.

She asked a few questions and recommended a few solutions involving a laser and etc. I cringed after hearing it. I suddenly recalled some people I know that have undergone something like those and had little holes in their face making the skin uneven afterwards which is not attractive. So my mom asked if she could suggest a solution not involving some surgery. So she recommended me this Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5 and Adapalene Gel. At that time, each small container cost about less than P300 which is very affordable. The BP is to be applied in the morning and the Gel applied at night.

This was how I looked before the treatment. I totally feel sad everytime I look in the mirror. :/ Benzoyl Peroxide is white in color and has the consistency of common bleaching creams while Adapalene Gel is opaque with the consistency of toothpaste (sort of). I religiously applied them as scheduled and as the days went by, I started to see results! My classmates even noticed it during the first few weeks! After about two months and two sets of creams, I can totally say that it worked!

Applying BP might cause your skin to get dry or burn but I guess that's how it works. So you must not be exposed to sunlight if you don't want your skin to burn further. As for the gel, I've noticed that I get glowing skin whenever I would wake up in the morning. It also removes dark spots caused by the acne too! How awesome. :)

I'm not a skin specialist nor do I have any idea how these creams work, so I searched this one for you:

What does Benzoyl Peroxide do?
  • Benzoyl peroxide removes the top layer of skin and goes deep into your pores, unclogging them and killing acne causing bacteria. (Yahoo Answers)
  • Propionibacteria acnes, or P. acnes, are the bacteria responsible for acne breakouts. They cannot live in an aerobic (oxygen-rich) environment. Benzoyl peroxide works by introducing oxygen into the pore, thereby killing P. acnes. When the bacteria population is reduced, the number of breakouts on the skin is reduced as well. (

What does Adapalene Gel do?
  • Adapalene is used to treat acne. Adapalene is in a class of medications called retinoid-like compounds. It works by stopping pimples from forming under the surface of the skin...Adapalene controls acne but does not cure it. (Medline Plus)

This was about a year after I applied the creams. Awesome right? Though there is visible redness at times, I'm pretty happy that I'm now acne free! Besides, I could use a little blush on my cheeks. Hihi. I still get pimples but only occasionally like when I'm having my period or when I get stressed. I've stopped using it regularly about a month after I got rid of the acne and came to a full stop after like 5 months.

Currently, I'm still using Ponds but only, and only their Facial Cleanser. I've seen how my skin likes it so I think I'm going to stick to using it to avoid having those pimps. A few days ago, I visited the clinic wanting to buy the creams again but they were out of stock. The dermatologist has also changed the Benzoyl Peroxide to the one with Erythromycin that's used to treat bacterial infections. I guess this treatment (sold in a small spray bottle that cost P500) is for those with severe acne cases. Take note that you should not apply this if you're allergic to Erythromycin.

So that was the 'how-i-got-rid-of-my-acne' story. I hope you've learning something out of this. :) It took me all the courage to post those photos up there. Lol! But of course, a healthy diet and a good hygiene is always one sure way of avoiding having pimples. And never pop the zits and keep your hand clean and away from your face! :D

*Results may vary, perhaps depending on skin type or acne case. Though it may seem to be a for-all-types-of-acne treatment, it's best to consult your dermatologist before applying any medication so as not to worsen your skin condition. :)


  1. My
    acne at first was all over my forehead but mostly on my cheeks.. My
    dermatologist prescribed me Adapalenetopical gel and I love this stuff!!! It's drying
    but at night I put coco butter around my mouth and around my eyes so
    there isn't dryness when I wake up.. This stuff is literally amazing and
    I love it so much!

  2. It totally is! Very highly recommended for people with acnes! :) I didnt apply anything other than what the derma prescribed though. High five for this magical gel! :)


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