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July 7, 2013

The Training: First Three Days + Giveaway

Finally! Our much awaited On-the-Job-Training has officially started yesterday, Saturday. We were already here in Taytay in the province of Rizal a day before to set our things up. Commuting to and from my Aunt's place in Laguna takes more or less two hours so I, together with two of my friends decided to rent a boarding house for a month.

We were expecting a typical Filipino boarding house but it was more than that! It was a real house (with a flat screen tv!!!)! Yay! We were more than happy! :) With the peaceful surroundings and fresh, clean air, it sort of feels like home. Since were located in high lands, we can see the wonderful city lights from afar!

The first two days of the training was good. I met students who are mostly from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines or the PUP. During the first day, we were made to introduce ourselves, identify the qualities of an effective Tour Guide and share our expectations when were already on the field. I was a bit shy during the first day since I haven't spoken in front of people in a while and it took time for me to adjust. I was a bit disappointed of myself but I know I can do better! :) I just need to practice, practice, practice.

Today, we were able to meet a DOT Accredited Tourist Guide and two Professors from the University of the East namely Sir DJ, Sir Kiko and Sir Don who were very nice, accommodating and informative. We had fun during the discussion wherein they shared their experiences as Tour Guides. 

TRIVIA! Did you know that Tourist Guide and Tour Guide are different? Yes they both guide tourists, only that a Tourist Guide holds a license. 

I don't know if being a Tour Guide is the right job for me, but I know that this training will be of much help for me to determine the kind of job I really want in the future. I prefer office work though. I love doing brochures, sending letters and all those 'back of the house' jobs, but who knows right?

Anyway guys, this is what we've all been waiting for - Adriana's July giveaway! I'm so glad to be participating since this is my very first giveaway! I'm giving a premade blogger layout! Now isn't that cool? Not only that, you also get to win Blog Add-ons and FREE Ad Spaces! AWESOME! 

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