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July 16, 2013

Takeover Tuesday: Meet Jeane!

Hello there! You may have noticed that I've been sort of MIA lately. I've been busy with our On the Job Training and I feel like I'm not having enough sleep (though we're not really that busy, we don't even do plenty of travel agency stuff). I'll be updating you guys about my first week at the OJT on a different post. 

Meanwhile, meet Jeane of Dauntless Tales! :) She's a fellow Pinoy blogger and we've been exchanging e-mails for quite some time now. Get to know more about her on her blog! :)


Hi everyone! Im Jeane! I’m from the Philippines and I blog at Dauntless. I'm on my last year in studying Nursing.  My blog is about personal experiences, music, books and many more! I hope that you will check out my blog. J Thanks! I would like to thank Mary for doing this Guest Post thingy! Thanks for making this possible. J

1.      How do you understand 'true happiness'?
For me, true happiness is not constant euphoria or ecstasy, as some would wish it to be. It’s a simple sense of contentment, impermanent, and therefore so valuable. There is nothing that you can buy, acquire, or achieve that will bring lasting happiness. These things may bring you moments of joy or happiness but it will not be sustained forever.

2.      What is your biggest pet peeve?
People that interrupt me when I’m telling a story and then they continue to tell me their story and then ask me in an uninterested tone to continue on with my story when they are finished talking. Definitely my biggest pet peeve.

3.      Do you ever blog in your PJ’s?
Of course I do! It feels so relaxing blogging in my PJ’s. And it feels so comfortable. :)

4.      What are 5 items you never leave home without?
1.      Hanky (Because I have sweaty palms)
2.      Cellphone
3.      Wallet
4.      Bottled Water
5.      Crackers/Biscuits

5.      What is your most favorite electronic gadget?    
That would be my phone. Although it hangs most of the time. I think I should buy a new one, when I have enough money.

Thanks for reading! J

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