Five Among Friends 4.0

1. What is your favorite holiday and why?
That would totally be Christmas! I mean, who doesn't love the cold weather, the bright and colorful lights, the early morning masses, the abundance of people, and FOOD! It's a time for me and my family to catch up with each other. Sometimes, our relatives from Luzon come and visit and makes it a little bit of a reunion, too.
2. Do you have a special or favorite cartoon or cartoon character?
I don't really recall having a favorite cartoon character. Hahaha! I don't watch a lot of cartoons anymore. But perhaps Detective Conan? 
3. What was or you think will be your reaction on the first day of school for your first born?
I guess I would be totally worried but still I would be proud of him/her because I know that he will totally make it on the first day. But that would be in the years to come. :)
4. What’s your preference: Swimming pool or beach and why?
It depends on my mood really. But I would mostly prefer the beach since it's a natural setting! I mean, who doesn't love the fresh ocean breeze and not to mention the sunset! Wow!
5. How do you schedule your blog post and do you use any type of system?
I always write and post my entries on the same day, and I still haven't tried scheduling them yet.   Perhaps when I don't have enough time to insert blogging on my schedule? I have a blog notebook where I draft all my posts. Inside it, I have a calendar where I indicate the title of the entry I need to post on that particular day. It works since sometimes I tend to forget, and a blog notebook is an easy way to blog anytime and anywhere!


  1. Love your answers!! So glad you are part of the group!!

  2. Very nice to learn more about you. I like the idea about the blog notebook, maybe I will be implementing something similar very soon.
    Thanks for participating !!!


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