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July 1, 2013

Clothing Haul

Rain was pouring heavily the night before and I was sleeping rather soundly, that I wasn't able to notice a huge wet area just beside my pillow! Turns out, rainwater seeped through the room's ceiling! So, we had to change the bed covers and re-arrange the bed to prevent it from getting wet again. Hahah. 

You might think 'what does that have to do with clothes?' Lol. Lemme tell ya, if that didn't happen, we wouldn't have rearranged all the boxes of clothing and I wouldn't have all these nice pieces from my Aunt's wardrobe! She has tons of pants and shirts that she's not using anymore, and they're still as good as new! She wanted to give some of it to me, so how can I say no? One of the best Aunts ever!

I admit I'm not a jacket person but these totally looked nice on me! I never bother buying jackets like these since they're not only expensive, I rarely use them. I mean, in a country like this, who wears jackets? (Unless you're some crazy person who wears a jacket under the scorching heat of the sun.) Perhaps I could find a purpose for these 'new' ones! It's the rainy season, isn't it? :)

These doesn't belong to the free ones. I bought them at Surplus Shop for $5 mainly because of the design! Haha!

coral blouse from tiara - Php 350 @ SM Sta. Rosa
skinny jeans - thrifted
handbag (free) secosana
shoes from m. nicole by figlia - Php 1,077 @ Landmark Makati

So let me leave you with a nice casual get-up in coral and blue! I bought the blouse (actually my aunt bought it for me. She is so nice!) from SM Sta. Rosa last Saturday, and what great timing...they were having a clearance sale! It cost less than half the price! The shoes was also bought at 10% off (thanks again to my Aunt)! The jeans are from my aunt, and the small bag comes with the Secosana handbag bought at half the original price as well. :) What can I say, I love mall sales! Lol! ;)