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June 14, 2013

The Wedding at Zambales

This Sunday, 9th of June, we packed our bags and went northbound to Zambales for my cousin's wedding. It wasn't really all planned out but we decided to go anyway. Besides, we were also up for an adventure! The Victory Liner bus bound for Iba Zambales at the Pasay Terminal leaves every five hours or so. We arrived an hour earlier so we had time to relax before the five-hour ride.

While waiting, there was this girl sitting behind us, crying. Earlier, I heard her talk to one of VL's crew about her bag that was dropped at the wrong terminal. What was alarming was that an important file was in there - you know that brown envelope that's part of the Visa that you're supposed to open after you arrive at the US? That was what made her cry. She also had her camera in there. Poor girl. I wonder if they found it... I guess this served as an important lesson for me and it applies for you as well: When travelling, always keep your important files inside a bag you carry the most. Keep it near you and always have a photocopy of those files kept at home in case you lose the original.

The first hour of the ride offered a view of the busy streets, high rise buildings, and busy people. Later, it was something I was very familiar of - the trees, landscapes, mountains both left and right, an abundance of greenery. It reminded me of home. I sort of hoped the bus wasn't air conditioned so I could smell the fresh country air I haven't inhaled for weeks. But before we go ahead with the rest of the story, I'd like to give you some helpful travel tips as per experience. :)
  1. Travel light. Bring only what you need. As much as possible, bring only one medium-sized bag for your clothes and a small handbag for your important belongings.
  2. Always do your personal necessities before travelling because it would really be inconvenient if you feel like going (you know what I mean) and you're not even halfway the next stop. And don't forget to bring that tissue just in case.
  3. Pack up some food and water. It can get boring inside a bus so it pays to have something to munch on. ;) 
  4. Do not travel on a full stomach. Self-explanatory!
  5. Hug your bag especially when travelling alone because you're not always sure whether you can trust that stranger sitting next to you. 
The bus stops for every two hours adding up to two bus stops for the whole ride. After seven hours of travel (including the trip from home to the terminal), we finally arrived at the tricycle terminal. My cousin arrived a bit later to fetch us. I was glad to see my cousins and their families in there. I wished mine was there too. They weren't able to come because the travel can be tiresome if you're not used to it. And besides, Iloilo is waaayyy far!

The bride and groom were so busy with preparations. We were telling them to at least take a rest but they wouldn't. I guess they're really excited! You know, wedding jitters. :) That night, we made puto cheese which is my Aunt's (the bride's mom) specialty. I also played with my seven-month old nephew. Oh how I love to play with babies! :)


The bride was up even before the sunrise and so was the groom. It was the 10th of  June. The day has come for them to finally be united in church marriage. They were wed by our Mayor three years ago but it really is different when you're wed at a church. About twenty minutes before the wedding started, everyone was ready except for the groom who was still running errands and still not dressed for the occasion! But he was able to catch up. It's hard when you're the couple and you're still the ones doing all the preparations. Based on my observations, I have concluded that it really pays to have a Wedding Planner to save you from all those pre-wedding stress. Hihi ;)

It was a beautiful small wedding with a few family and friends. Having worked in Hong Kong for years, my cousin has quite adapted to their beliefs. She went for red as the motif as this pertains to luck.


The Groom's father.

After the wedding, we went back to their house for the reception. But contrary to the usual which is starting  the reception program right after wedding, they instead went inside the house and prayed the rosary. After which is the lunch and the customary dancing while the guests pin bills to the bride and groom's clothing. I have also witnessed this kind of wedding tradition during my Uncle's wedding in Quezon.

The program ended at about two o' clock and minutes later, we found ourselves bidding goodbye to our relatives and riding a tricycle to our ride back home. I had a lot of laughs with them in there and that would be truly unforgettable. I'll be really looking forward to my next visit! :)


I was able to capture this on the way home. The remains of Lahar from the Mount Pinatubo explosion and a housing project. :)

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