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June 6, 2013

Gotta Love Pants

So I guess I'm back to blogging frequently...hopefully. :D Some of you may have noticed that the 'List of Seven' logo has been inactive on my sidebar for quite sometime now. With that, I now finally give you my first list of seven!

Who doesn't love pants right? Whether you're thin or extra large, petite or tall, everyone wears them! Here are reasons why pants are my besties. :)

Spring In My Blue Jeans by andokadesbois
  1. They're comfortable! Need I say more? :)
  2. You can wear them at any occasion. From the most formal to the dirtiest (like feeding pigs! lol) of occasions, pants are always there when you need 'em.
  3. They're reusable. Lol! By reusable, I mean you can use it about a couple of times before it gets tossed in the laundry!
  4. They're inexpensive. There are like tons of affordable jeans in the market!
  5. They give shape to your body. If you can't flaunt your figure in mini skirts, flaunt them with skinny jeans! 
  6. They come in many colors! If you're tired of your boring blue jeans, there are a lot of other colors to choose from! It has red, orange, yellow, green and all the colors of the rainbow! Just make sure you pair them with a neutral colored shirt. :)
  7. It doesn't go out in style. Seasons and years have passed and jeans are still IN! They are like the staple of the century!
Secret Obsession

This was inspired by Jenni's List of Ten series. You may also join and link up with me! That would be fun and I'd love to read your lists, too. I'll be looking forward to that! And hey hey, I made a logo in case you want to hop in and join me. :)  Just grab the codes and paste it in your blog! See ya!


  1. I love wearing pants too!I am more comfortable with jeans maybe because I am used to it. And skinny jeans really brings out our figure. :)

    1. You're absolutely right! And it makes you feel sexy without revealing skin at all!! :)

  2. I live in my jeans. Sometimes I try to venture out more with fashion but I always come back to my jeans.