What to do when you're alone and bored

Are you tired of being in your house? Are you itching to go out, but the scorching heat of the sun just won't let you? Can't find things to do at home? Are you ALONE and BORED? Okay, enough for sounding like a tv commercial! Haha!

For weeks, I've been a stay-at-home person since our freaking OJT hasn't started yet. Pfft. Do I sound like I'm bored already? I hope not. :) Well I just stay here, and do nothing but sit in front of the laptop. Hey, the internet can be boring too, you know. So yesterday, I decided to leave it for a while and do something crazy! Haha! Not only did I enjoy my company, I was also able to exercise! I realized I had 'the moves' and a future as a rocker! Haha! Talk about being productive.

One bored kitty right there!

So let me tell you, 'boring' is just a state of mind. If we think it, it will happen. Being at home alone isn't as boring as you think it is! There are actually a lot of things you can do without going outside the house! Trust me! Try one from the list and let's see if you ever get bored again. :)
  • Give your wardrobe a new life. Turn your closet over, look for a few unfitting or old clothes and remake it! Are you not using your favorite white shirt because it's stained? Dye it! Are your legs longer than your jeans are? Turn 'em into shorts! The possibilities are endless!
  • Make a new dance move! Play a song of your choice (loud songs are recommended) and sing and dance to it! Let your inner singer-dancer-self emerge! :) Just make sure to close your windows and curtains to make sure nobody's watching!
  • Make yourself up. A classic! This is very useful especially when a certain event is near! You might just discover that you've got that make-up skill, and you save money from getting yourself made up at the salon!
  • Stalk your crush on Facebook! It's one of the best ways to kill 'boredom' since you're looking at your source of happiness and giddiness. Admit it! :)
  • Eat! This might be the only exception to the rule on not going out of the house. :D If you have money with you, go ahead! Splurge on food and eat until you can eat no more! Lol.
  • Learn a new craft! Learn to sew, crochet, cook, draw, write etcetera! You never know, you might be good at something else other than the usual things that you do! :) My Mom is always encouraging me to learn how to sew. So I guess when I'm bored and alone and at home, I should probably really try.
  • Read a book! Sounds boring to ya? Why not read it out loud in British or Australian accent? :) I'm positive you'll have a good laugh afterwards! This has got to be one of my fave pastimes!
How about you? How do you beat boredom? :)

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  1. When I get bored, I go to different blogs and read.

  2. Simple and cute tips! I usually do all of them EXCEPT the stalking of the crush on Facebook. Hehe. I stalk my crush on TV. Hihi. ~Sam Milby~ Wahahaha. :p


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