Update: Life Lately

If I were to count the number of days I've stayed here in Manila, that would be 16. Sure the first five days spent on the road went by so swiftly, and after that everything just seemed to slow down. Isn't it funny how time works? As a quote says, it lengthens the hours when you wait and rushes it when you enjoy the moments. Sitting here in my bed and watching the clouds passing by makes me want to go home. Being hundreds of kilometers away from my family can be unbearable. But I have to bear this since I chose this. I chose to have my training here. I even sometimes wonder why it has to be here when there are a lot of other choices a few hours from home. But it's done and all I have to do is do my best in whatever our supervisor gives us. I know this will be a good training and hopefully it'll be more than good. In days time, I will be trained to guide a tour! How cool is that?

Meanwhile, I guess the semester has already started in school. We have the whole semester dedicated to our Training and we won't be seeing school for months! I have to get used to this. Aahh, I kind of miss the commotion. I miss the loud hallways, late lunches, vacant period gossips, my friends and teachers and my uniform! Awww! And I kind of miss fastfood too. :)

How was your week? :)


  1. Goodluck on your OJT Mary Belle! What course are you taking up? :)


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