Takeover Tuesday (on a Monday!): Meet Kate!

Man, it was a tiring Monday everyone! We had rearranged my Aunt's house for a change! Though I didn't really do much, I felt tired and sleepy. Perhaps because of sleeping late this past month.  My sleeping habits have changed drastically and I can't sleep unless it's midnight. But don't mind me, I'm okay. :)

Today I am very excited for I have my very first guest on my blog! I never thought that more than a couple of bloggers would send in their answers within the hour I sent the email! :) I really appreciate it guys! And it's been a pleasure being able to exchange messages with you all! :)

Now everyone, meet wonderful Mom Kate! I became acquainted with her through the Five Among Friends started by our good friend Taby. Now, I'll let Kate (I keep typing Katie! lol) take over and you guys have fun getting to know a bit about her! Come in Kate, over...

Hello I'm Kate! I blog at www.justpirouetteandcarryon.blogspot.co.uk  I have two small children both girls, Biscuit and Wiggles. Gold star for services to planet population to us then?! They are my pride and joy, I could squeeze them till their heads popped off, but I don't. I really don't, honestly. 

My Husband, Mr Husband, is the best boy I've ever met, he is amazeballs, but he would not be impressed with me for using that word to describe him. He rarely annoys me, except when he wants to watch an excessive amount of football or cuddle when I have jobs to do... cooker tops do not clean themselves! Together we live in my childhood home joined on to my parents and older brother, separated by "the door." We alternate between driving each other nuts and getting on really rather well. Built in babysitters are the bees knees! We live in a small village in the Uk that is wonderful, but often completely bonkers. My blog is about our lives! I often speak first and think later. I'm sometimes amusing, sometimes outrageous and sometimes a little bit quiet for no particular reason. Buy me a cocktail and we'll be friends for life...or just come and visit my blog and say hi, that would be really good too!

How did you come up with your current blog name?
 I am the proud owner of a pretty little blog called Just Pirouette and Carry On... I chose my blog's name because it's from a song that always resonated with me, I think because the sentiment pretty much sums up my approach to life! Don't let little things get you down, be graceful, be beautiful and get on with it! 

When you started blogging, what came in to your mind? 
To answer this question I'm going to set the scene a little...it's the day after New Year's Day, it's first thing in the morning and I'm in bed. Nothing unusual there then! It's a strange sort of day because all the festive frivolity is very definitely over, Mr Husband has gone back to work after a lovely, but hectic week off. I have one child in the other room covered from head to foot in chicken pox that frankly RUINED my plans for a big New Year's Eve party, (poxy flippin pox). And another child who's six months old and - gasp - actually asleep! None of the blogs I usually loved to read had new posts so I decided that this would be the perfect PERFECT time to play a little game of beat the clock. If I could set up an entire blog before those little tinkers woke up and started demanding milk and Cheerios to spread around my kitchen then it was meant to be! And whaddaya know, I'd managed a whole blog and here I am!!! Nice to know I threw myself into this with consideration, forethought and planning hey?!

Who inspired you to blog?  
Other bloggers!! I wanted in!! Also my girls, I have a really rubbish memory so I wanted to look back on their little lives in years to come and say "Hey! Look what we did!!"

Do you ever blog in your PJ’s? 
All the time!! That's completely normal right?! 

What's your biggest pet peeve?
Excessive negativity. It really annoys me people seem incapable of looking around them and counting the blessings that they have.  I want to shake them and say "Hey! Look at all this! You have it, enjoy it, don't whinge about tiny things, there are people out there with real problems!" 

What are 5 items you never leave home without?
My phone, a hairbrush, a spare nappy, my keys and some bribery sweeties for the girls!! 

What is your most favorite electronic gadget?
I love my iPhone, my whole life is stored on here! When I think about how much technology has progressed, even in my lifetime it blows my mind!! 


  1. Ahhhhh, thank you Mary! And thank you so ouch for having me on your blog, I'm honoured. I'm very happy to have "met" you :)

    Kate xx
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  2. hahaha I love the story of how you started your blog!
    Great to "meet" you, Kate!!

  3. I love how Kate started blogging. It makes her sound intrepid. Thanks for posting this, Mary.


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