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June 22, 2013

First Month in Manila

Maybe you're wondering why I'm celebrating this. Hahah. I don't even have a boyfriend, okay. This is in celebration of my first month here in Manila! Wow, I can't even believe it's been a month since I got here. I haven't been paying too much attention to time lately, but oh my it has passed so quickly! The hours seemed like minutes especially when you're on the internet.

As for our OJT, I hate to say this but it hasn't started yet. The manager says it'll start on July. I can't believe I have to wait for a month for this. Sometimes, I think to myself: What if I had applied in Iloilo instead of here? I should already have my duty hours done by the end of the month. I wouldn't have been far from my family. I wouldn't have spent too much money and I would still be with my friends. But as a saying goes, great things come to those who wait. True. And besides, there's nothing else I can do but wait.

So, aside from cleaning dog pee and poop, cleaning the house, watching tv, blogging, sleeping, eating and walking around the house, here's the rest of what I've been up to during the month.
  • It's Been a Wild Week
    • A rather short update on my whereabouts during the last 2 weeks of May.
  • A Recap + Dogs
    • Features the highlights of May and a couple of photos of dogs! Yup, you figured. :)
  • Life Lately
    • Musings about my first 16 days here, missing my family and school plus a couple of notebook photos. Hihi.
  • Update!
  • The Wedding at Zambales
    • Our journey of not less than five hours to see my cousin and attend her much awaited church wedding.
  • Cousin Camwhore
    • Another great time spent with my cousins during James' birthday.
  • The Lazy Lifestyle
    • A post about my first three weeks here in Manila, their lifestyle in here, and some crazy ideas to earn some money while I'm 'jobless'.
  • Worldless Wednesday
    • Nothing but a couple of photos of my aunt's wee babbies. You'll be screaming 'cute' when you see 'em. :D
  • Mr. Chef's Chicken Breast Recipe
    • My take on my cousin's yummy chicken breast recipe!
Currently, I'm working face to face with my cousin on the laptop with the TV on. It looks like it's about to rain and I feel hungry. Okay, I gotta fry some kikiam right now.

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