Five Among Friends 2.0

Hello there you guys! Last week, I have been invited by a good friend Taby of The Closet Intellectual to Five Among Friends. It was indeed a fun way to make new friends and also, because of this, my blog traffic increased! How cool is that? :) Now, it just doesn't end there. Jay of Crafty Spices decided it would be fun if each of the participants become host for the week! And this week, Jay is in charge. :) 

Check out the other participants in the links below! Want to join? Just comment on any of the participant's post and we'll be adding you! :)

1. What is your favorite thing about blogging.
We all know how blogging is a creative and emotional outlet - and that's what I love about it. Through blogging, we can share our world with beautiful and kind strangers who eventually become our friends, and people who share the same interest. Through it, we discover a whole new world. We learn about places, people, customs, traditions and a lot more! :)

2.  What do you dislike about blogging.
I don't know, really. :) But to be honest, I guess that'll be thinking about what to post? I mean, I'm happy that I'm a personal blogger but sometimes my life gets uninteresting and I run out of topics. And I also dislike seeing my blog without something new for my readers. So I guess that's about it. :D

3.  What is you favorite thing to do with your little one(s).
I cannot relate to this question since I don't have a kid ('cause I'm only 20!) So it'll just be 'little ones=my aunt's dachshunds'. Okay? :) One thing I absolutely love doing with the dogs is rubbing their stomachs - newfound love? :D You know they like it too when they start rolling on their backs and stare at you with their cute puppy eyes. Awww! :)

4.  If you could move anywhere in the world (Money not being a question) where would it be, and why?
Did you know that I love answering these kind of questions? Hahaha! I'd totally love to move down under - Australia! Well it seems peaceful in that part of the world and photos of Australia has always captured my heart in some way or another. I could live in my dream house beside the beach and enjoy the scenery (and the sunrise and sunset!) every single day and I'd never get bored of it. It has also great locations and subjects for photos!

5.  What is the most embarrassing thing one of your kids has you have done in public. 
I actually have done a lot of embarrassing things in public. Hahah! That's actually a lot that I can't quite remember. XD But I guess the most memorable embarrassing moment would be an instance during Prom which you can see here! :)

Five Among Friends
This week's questions are brought to you by: Jay from Crafty Spices.

Check out The Five Among Friends crew for their responses to this week's questions!  
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  1. I want to join too! :) Hihihi

  2. WOW, I was just at Kate's blog and saw you! Haha!

    Hi again. I really liked your post!

    Love the 5 among friends. Nice to get to know you better. I will connect with you via all of the social media that you have in your little sidebar there! Looking forward to connecting.

    If you wanna do a button swap, let me know. I'd love it!

  3. I think I am more embrassing then my kids are! Love your answers!


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