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May 9, 2013

Wednesday's Little Beachcapade

Beach Escapade = Beachcapade! :D 

Do you guys know the best time to go to the beach in the summer? I mean, the really best time to take a dip without getting sunburned? If you guessed during cloudy days, then you're wrong! :) Why? Cause I was thinking during rainy days! Yep! Rainy days! It may sound totally crazy like "The beach is for some fun under the sun! Why go there when it's raining?" I'm starting to think were a bit crazy too for heading to the beach during a rainy afternoon yesterday. Haha! The truth is, sunny days can be totally hot in this tropical part of the world, and bathing at the beach under the sun could totally harm and burn our skin!

And just when I thought it was going to be a rainy afternoon, the afternoon sun shone before we even reached the beach!

While my brother and sisters played in the water, Mom, Dad and I just sat there and started munching on the food! :)

I was not going to go in for a dip since the beach was kind of dirty and I didn't bring spare shorts! 

A little later, these angry clouds appeared and it started to rain like crazy for about ten minutes. (And I loved it! Haha) So, there I was bathing in the rain. (Wow. I went to the beach to bathe in the rain. I am awesome.) Oh, how I felt like a child again! If I were at home, I'd happily skip along and dance and feel infinite, but I was in a public beach with people, so I just sat there by the shore and got myself soaked in rain while watching raindrops jump in the water.

The waters were so clean and calm after the wild rain! 



We had jellyfish invasion (maybe the rain brought them ashore) and saw schools of little fish from afar (basing on the bubbles above the water), too.

We went home just after sundown. And hey, I did take a dip in the seawaters after the rain. I got tempted! Haha! There, another wonderful day spent with my family. :)


  1. I can already tell your blog is going to make me jealous! lol... so beautiful.

    Your newest follower from http://makemegodly.blogspot.com/

    1. Lol! <3 thank you! you have a lovely blog yourself too! :))

  2. new follower from the friend connect hop!

  3. Looks super relaxing. Thanks so much for stopping by! Following you now! And I'm happy to swap buttons whenever you'd like. :)


    1. thanks nicole! and thanks for viewing my blog too! Your little girl is just the cutest! there, i said it again! :)