True Love...where art thou?

True love. People have searched all over the world looking for that one person who could forever change the rest of their lives. That person who could turn their world into a whole new paradise. I, myself have often wondered where that person is. For long, I have waited …waited for someone to knock the doors of my heart. Someone to unlock the feelings that have been kept for a long time. 
And today, as I write these words, I kind of feel lovesick. I sit here in my chair, wondering. Waiting. Is there such a person? Where could he be? How long would I have to wait?
And in the stillness of the moment, I found the answers. We all have that one person. He may be just around the corner, or at the other side of the pacific. But one thing is for sure. Lonely as you are, that one person is, too. He is there…wondering, waiting. He longs for you as much as you do. One day, destiny and fate will bring you together. And when you two find each other, I wish the both of you a happy and healthy love that will last for more than a lifetime.

*This was an old post from my previous blog. I hope you like it. Meheh :3


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