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May 14, 2013

The Happy List 1.0

"Happiness is a perfume you can't give others without getting some for yourself."

True enough! Here are some of the things that make me giddy happy! :)


  1. Seeing your parents laughing, and playfully fighting over sweet nothings.
  2. A wonderful and dramatic sunset. Think: scarlet-lit skies with hints of violet and yellow, trees creating a mysterious silhouette by the horizon, the cold gust of the wind. :)
  3. Being thanked for even the littlest things I do. 
  4. Getting the highest score at a quiz, or more importantly, at an exam.
  5. Rain on a summer day.
  6. Scanning photo albums from years ago and recalling all the wonderful memories (and wondering where those people are right now).
  7. Buying a book (whether brand new or secondhand) and finishing it.
  8. Discovering or learning something new (such as how to cook this or that).
  9. Having long walks and laugh-till-I-cry moments with friends.
  10. Watching myself at the mirror, smiling like a crazy person and telling myself "Thank God I'm beautiful!"  (This also goes in my list of favorite pastimes. Lol!)
There goes ten of the hundreds of things that make me happy! 

You, what makes you happy? :)


  1. That is an unbelievable beautiful sunset picture. It is just stunning!

    1. I agree with you! This is one of the most beautiful sunsets ever!

  2. I love buying books!! A nice big stack of them and a day off is just dreamy to me :)

    1. Its nice to hear that Casey! Books are a complete relaxation! :)