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May 12, 2013

What and Who I'm Missing

Bonjour amis! It's Day 12 of the Blog Everyday in May Challenge, which means it's time for me to share to you something/someone that I miss! Days ago, I checked my list of the challenges (yes I listed them down. mehehe ). So I started drafting something in advance for the 12th day. I miss plenty-o things and people, that's for sure. But today, I'm going to list down the things I miss the most. In other words, my 5 Most Missed Things/People in no particular order.
  1. My cousins! Remember when my cousins went home last April? Well, I definitely had a good time with them that I really cried when they went home last 28th of April. Childish, I know. But I miss their company. Everything just seemed so quiet that afternoon on the day they went home. That's why I'm really excited to fly off to Manila next week to see them and the rest of the clan! There's so much anticipation that I still haven't packed. :D
  2. My high school crush. Did you know I used to write about him in my previous blog? (Take note of the word 'used to'. Haha!) I remember him in my dreams several times in unusual situations. Plus, I just can't seem to take him off my mind! Is it a fact that I still like him? Or I just really miss the good old times?
  3. My childhood. Yesterday, while I was helping my Mom de-clutter our room, I came across several photo albums from years back. I remember being the apple of everyone's eye when I was less than five or six years old, being Snow White at a school play in Day Care, celebrating my 7th birthday with all the other kids in school, dancing happily onstage, and all the other things that took place when I was still a child. If I had a chance to go back, I definitely would! I just couldn't get over how cute I was looking at those photos!
  4. School! When summer is in, we wish it was school time. When school finally arrives, we wish it was summer once again. But t'is true that I miss school! I miss my teachers and schoolmates, the lessons, laugh trips, the busy days, cramming periods, procrastination, wearing my uniform,  etcetera etcetera. Don't you miss it too? :)
  5. My friends. I'm sure your friends are on the list too! We (my HS mates) don't get to see each other often because of summer classes and other schedules etc. Last year, we used to go to the beach every summer and christmas vacation. I miss their company. I miss the old times (the things we used to do in high school.) Hopefully, we'll have a last minute reunion before another school year starts.

You may notice that there are changes on my blog layout whatsoever. And don't freak out if it changes everytime you refresh (if ever you do refresh my page. :D )! I'm currently into changing my blog design into something ..uhm...that's me and fresh on the eyes. (Which is why I'm really having a hard time picking color palettes.)

*yawn.* I better get sleeping. (I think I'm half asleep while writing this post.) Tomorrow is the big Election 2013! I hope we Filipinos will vote wisely. Remember, the next generation's future lies in our hands!

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