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May 4, 2013

Things that make me Uncomfortable

Almost all of us (well, all of us!) have certain things that make us feel awkward and ashamed. So here goes my list ('cause I don't feel like writing paragraphs at this moment). :)

  • Watching a movie with the whole family and suddenly a romantic or kissing scene comes up. (The one who holds the remote automatically changes the channel, then back to the movie after a few seconds when the scene is over. Haha!) 
  • Loud ringtones especially at church . 
  • Answering the phone. Yes! I've always dreaded answering the phone back in high school. I'm getting a hang of it lately. :3
  • Talking to a talkative stranger and can't think of a decent way to respond. So there goes the 'all-smiles', the ooh's and the aahhhs's when I can't think of anything more to say.
  • Passing along a hallway with many people standing by. I don't know about you, but I feel like all eyes are on me whenever I walk by. I must be paranoid.
  • Wearing tight-fitting clothes. Self explanatory?
  • Strolling by the mall wearing my school uniform and suddenly being mistaken as a saleslady. I had it several times already!
  • Couples having PDA. *forever alone.
  • Wearing slippers when going out. Lately, I find wearing slippers in public so uncomfortable! It's as if I don't know how to walk in slippers anymore. Perhaps, I got used to closed shoes?
  • When my parents take a peek of what I'm doing on the internet. This blog is the reason why I always seem so busy even without school. Mehehe :3 I immediately change tabs when they enter my room because they don't know I have a blog and well, I don't want them to know. Heheh. That's why it's called secret obsession, isn't it? :)

How about you? What makes you uncomfortable? :)
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