My Little Autobiography

Hiya! Greetings of a fine day from me to you! It's currently almost 1PM on our side of the world and the weather is perfectly sunny and fine! Today, I'll be starting my Blog Everyday in May Challenge and I am super-dee-duper excited! I know I'm a little late at this, but here goes!

1) 4th year High School 2) High School Graduation 3) Epic win! 4) The Asian Adventure 2012

I wasn't due until the 22nd of March in the 1990’s. I guess I was too excited to know what the outside world is like, that I got out eleven days earlier. I grew up in a place abundant with peace, greenery, fresh air, and very nice and wonderful people. I remember wearing a hat with fake braided hair because I didn’t have that much hair. I also grew up with the company of teachers (my mom and dad both are). I am more than glad and blessed to have such wonderful and supportive parents and siblings, and awesome relatives and friends! Being the eldest of three for me is both an advantage and a responsibility.  I’m very good at singing and dancing when I am alone. :)  I can be very shy sometimes but I’m a crazy kid when I’m at home. 10+ years of school has taught me very important life lessons and made me the person I am now.  I’m proud to say that I've have brought honor to my town when I won the District pageant during my last year in high school. Epic win! I am currently going to be in my senior year of college. I am totally excited for the future, whilst scared of what is in store for me. I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason. Whatever it is, we’ll know sooner or later. :)

Have you participated yet? :)
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