Update: It's been a wild week!

Hello lovely people! I deeply apologize for being MIA lately. I have been on the go and the past week has been pretty tiring yet very (very) fun! I have mentioned that I'll be having an OJT here in Manila. So, here I am now, sitting here in my cousin's bed and missing my family already. I feel homesick. :(

Anyway, you would not believe how far I've gone with my Mom and sister! It feels like we've been all over South Luzon living like aetas (people not staying too long in one place). A few days ago my Mom and sister have gone back home. I am currently spending the rest of the summer at my Uncle's house.

In a few days I'll be sharing to you how I spent the week with our relatives. Meanwhile, I'll leave you with literally a couple of photos of our short time at Rizal Park. :)

A lately.


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