Expect the Unexpected

You won't believe how great we felt yesterday night during the awarding of this year's festival! You see, last 27th of April, we took part in our town's Wall Painting Contest. It was a first in our town, as well as for me and my groupmates. I have never painted a wall before. The whole experience was quite nerve-wrecking, but it has given us a lot of fun. Sure, 7 hours of painting a 2-meter wide wall was not enough for amateurs like us. But hey, WE DID IT! Here's a look at our masterpiece (no edits).

 What can you say about it?

Now, back to the awarding ceremonies. We were called first onstage to receive our People's Choice Award (that's where people put money in boxes to vote), which was also announced immediately after the contest. We weren't expecting to get the Best in Visual Impact and Rendering, too! Man, it was awesome! We also got a trophy for being in the first place! It was all so unexpected that we still can't believe we've won until now. :)

Feast your eyes with the rest of the paintings!

Bato Tariwis won 3rd place.

This one won 2nd!

If you were to judge, which paintings are your top three? :)

Photo Credits here.


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