DIY: Perk Up your White Sneakers!

Are you getting bored with your plain white sneakers? Worry not, for Christine Wisneiski (a Design for Mankind contributor) has found a way to perk up and sprinkle some summer into your sneakers!

What you're going to need:
  • Dye (any color you fancy)
  • Parchment Paper
  • Rubber Cement
  • Damp Paper Towel
  • Plain White Sneakers

Here's how to do it (by Christine):

01 PREPARE SNEAKERS. First, gently remove sneaker insoles, laces and set aside. Then, brush a thin coat of rubber cement on toe and heel soles. This will block out any dye from adhering to the rubber (and wear off overtime).
02 MAKE WARM DYE BATH. Select a shallow baking dish. Add desired dye (I used one Rit powder packet for blues and two Kool-Aid packets for the red), then fill dish with hot water till about a 2.5″ deep. Stir to blend.
03 DIP DYE SNEAKERS. Dip toe edge of sneaker into warm dye bath and soak for at least 3 minutes. Repeat with heel side of sneaker. With damp paper towel, gently wipe soles to remove any excess dye. Place sneakers on parchment paper to dry. Once dry, insert insoles, lace up and get strolling!

Isn't it just simple, cutesy and fun? I'll be making my own one of these days. Perhaps next week when I receive my ushering allowance (I was supposed to get last month) and immediately buy a cheap pair of white sneakers! Ha! 

Head over to Erin's blog and find more creative ideas from Christine's biweekly column entitled MakeKind!
Photos are by Christine Wisneiski for Design for Mankind.


  1. cute, i'm going to try this for summer!

    1. i cant wait to do this too! you should also check out more fun DIY's at their website! :)

  2. Yay! Cool! I finally have a way to improve my stained off-white sneakers! :) Thanks dear.

    And great idea for that "Before I turn 25". I kinda wanna do the same but I only got a year left. Huhu.

    Anyway, followed you on bloglovin'.... Hope you can check out mine as well.

    PS: Love your theme as well!


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