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May 3, 2013

An Essay Lovely as a Tree

I didn't intend to praise my work right there. :) Today let me share to you a simple and brief essay. Somehow, this reminded me of the movie The Lorax. :) It was in humanities class in my second year of college when we had to write an essay about any topic within less than an hour. Of course, I went crazy! Thinking of a topic plus the first paragraph to keep me going usually takes me a long time. So I went with a very easy topic which is, well, trees! I was a bit frustrated at that time since my teacher gave me a low score on a previous quiz (because there seemed to be a misunderstanding with the instructions). But whatevs, I got a perfect score on this one so here it goes - as is!

Trees are life
The best thing about nature are trees. They give life and provide shelter to animals.They provide human beings food to eat. They live with us, people. Without them, we are none.
When God created the world, He created it so wonderfully. He created animals, he crated trees. He created people to care for it. The world was once a happy place to live.Everyone felt the need of each other's care. People needed trees and trees needed people.
But there came a time when people were consumed with greed. They excessively cut trees to build their homes, leaving the poor birds homeless. They destroyed forests and built buildings on it.They destroyed and balded the mountains that served as shelter for wild animals.
In return, people suffer the revenge of nature. Rampant landslides and land erosion have occurred. Still, they didn't take it as a warning. They continued to cut more and more trees until the forests have gone and the mountains went bald.
When will people start to care? When will they know the importance of each tree to ever living creature? Will the tree-cutting cease?
Trees have feelings, too. They're not like stones, they have life and give life. It is still not too late to turn ourselves back from these inhuman practices. We need trees as much as we need to eat. Save a tree today and save your future. 

 I sound like a grade school student here but I do hope you find this one life changing somehow! :3 Got something to share, too? Link it in the comments! I'd be glad to read it! :)


  1. I absolutely love this :) A tree is the perfect metaphor!