Advice: Choosing A Course

It's the 8th day of the Blog Everyday in May Challenge which means today, I'll be sharing with you a piece of advice. :) 

If you're an incoming college student, then this is for you! I may not be really good at this but somehow I hope you'll learn something. :)


Here in our country, the last month of summer (May) is a really busy month especially for high school graduates. This is where almost all of the applications, entrance exams, enrolments etc are taken and done. This is also where most students plan on what course to take up - mostly in a rush. Most graduates would say "I love computer games so I think I'm just gonna take Information Technology.", but is this criteria enough? 

You see, one of the most crucial parts of getting into college is choosing the right course. Why? Most people would not take time to ponder about it. Some would just enroll at that course uncertain if he really wants it, and sooner or later finds out that it's not meant for him. The result is shifting to another course. Shifting wastes a lot of time, money and effort. Imagine having all your batchmates graduate ahead of you and you're still struggling on finding the right course. I know someone who's taken up several courses before finally graduating at a vocational culinary arts course. He finally found what he loves doing the most, but it took him several more years to finally make it out of college.

In some cases, though, graduates would enroll at a course and end up [unexpectedly] loving it! {Please let me insert a bit of my own story here. Thanks! :)} Ever since I was young, I was influenced by my parents to want to become a teacher (because they both are). Everyday after kindergarten, they would bring me to the school where they teach and let me play with their high school students, listen to lectures et cetera. I was the little teacher. I grew up checking student's papers, encoding their scores and occasionally typing out lesson plans (though mostly I really just check the papers. Haha!). During the last three months of high school, I still had doubts on what course to take since someone said 'Why not take other courses instead? Why don't you try Tourism?'. I was still into the thought of taking up Education or maybe Psychology, but I thought I'd take the latter suggestion into consideration. I took the Aptitude tests (at another university) for both courses (Edu and Tourism) and I passed, whilst taking another exam at my current school. I passed too. I was scheduled for an interview at the other uni, but upon passing the exam at my current school, I immediately made up my mind and enrolled a few days later. I didn't really know what happened and how I came to the decision, though. Haha! The sure thing is that I am loving and enjoying every bit of what I'm doing at school right now. Seriously! Perhaps this course really was for me!

Moving on, here are some basic guide questions you might want to consider answering before choosing a College/Uni Course:

  1. Is it what you love/Is it your passion? 
  2. What are the possible jobs offered for your course of choice?
  3. How much will it return to you in the future?

If you answered an unquestionable Yes for #1, then you're good to go! If it's what you really love to do, school will never be boring and I assure you'll have a successful future if you're very determined! I think this goes hand in hand with #3 as well. :) If you love what you're doing, you'll absolutely earn more (in my opinion). As for #2, the more job opportunities, the better! This is a big world with lots of competitive people. I'm sure you don't want to get stuck fighting with hundreds of people for a single position. :3

Whatever course you decide, I'm hoping for the best! Oh and by the way, if you're already in Uni/College and is struggling with the course you've enrolled in, why not try to embrace and love it instead of shifting to another? You never know, right? It might just work out for you, too! :)

Are you loving the course you've chosen, too? Let me know! :)


  1. I'm Mary too!

    Great advice! I wish I'd had this when I was younger. I just couldn't choose. I thought I needed to figure the one thing I wanted the most. When in reality any of my passions would have done just fine. Just go for it and finish!

    1. XD I've seen a lot of Mary's around here too!

      Thank you! I agree! There are just about hundreds of courses and choosing one to study at school can be confusing. But sometimes we just really need to embrace what we chose and maybe we could end up loving every bit of it! :)

  2. definitely agree with #1. but in my experience, when you get too committed to the course you're taking, you'll get to attached and you'll definitely learn to love it. as i did. i took up accountancy, and though this involved a lot of hard work and not something that i'll take up if i'm living in a perfect world, i did learn to enjoy every minute of it. but that's just my experience.

    here's my post about this.

    anyways, nice of you to post this. i'm sure this will help tons of students out there! :))



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