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May 11, 2013

A Moment in My Day + Embarrassing Moment!

Holla everyone! It's the 11th day of this amazing Blog Challenge! I really decided I'd be a bit late in posting the last 2 prompts since I wanted to stay away from the computer for at least one night. But I just couldn't resist! I spent the night before yesterday checking out blogs and joining blog hops (which are totally fun!) and slept in early yesterday.

So today, I'm going to do the past two days in a single post + yesterday's update!


Lollies! Who loves lollies? :) It's been so long since I've had one. Anyway, here in the Philippines, May is the month of flowers (totally has nothing to do with lollipops) or the 'Flores de Mayo'! This is also a time where children gather at the church at 3PM to join the prayer and offering of flowers to the Virgin Mary.

These lollies and other goodies are little snacks (or we call it here 'dias') given to the children who join the offering. It was our schedule to give, so I helped my mom and sister pack it. Of course, I grabbed some for myself, too! Hihi :3


I spent several minutes thinking of those moments but just can't seem to remember most of it. Perhaps I want all of those left in the past! :D But there is still one embarrassing moment that I can't seem to forget. I still recall the scenes very well. This happened during junior year at my very first Prom. I hope this'll at least make you laugh. :)

My classmate Neal and I were assigned to be the hosts of the nights event held at a resort. Being still a junior and not really comfortable with crowds, I was very nervous (though it was scripted hosting). Anyway (let's just get straight to it okay), the program started. We requested everyone to stand for an opening prayer and the singing of the national anthem. (Here it goes!) So the prayer ended. I really don't know what happened - perhaps I was just really nervous? - that after the prayer, I immediately grabbed the microphone and said, "You may now take your seats". Some of the audience followed while I saw some students and teachers hesitant to sit down. Then, I felt someone pat me at the shoulder. It was Neal! I looked at him with raised eyebrows as he pointed to my classmate at the center stage, ready to conduct the national anthem! I then muttered an embarrassed "Ohsorrysorry" over the microphone. I was like, "What did I just do?!". I heard some little giggles at the audience but I was still relieved that I wasn't made fun of during that moment. Needless to say, the program still went smoothly and everyone had fun. Thank heavens! :D


- - AN UPDATE - -

Yesterday was epic! Epic in a sense that it was my first time, and that there's one thing I did that I wasn't able to for a long time (it's a secret)! 

In celebration of the Year of Faith, our Parish Priest invited our townspeople to take part in the Pilgrimage held at Tigbauan here in Iloilo. This is the first time I've ever joined this kind of event. I went with the whole family (except my dad who's busy for the 2013 Elections come Monday).

To summarize, it started with a procession around the town's plaza, a praise and worship led by a local band/choir, a confession simultaneous with the sharing and speech, then the Holy Mass. The speakers were Mr. & Dr. Octaviano, members of Couples for Christ. (I recall hearing from them during a symposium in my high school years).They talked about Family and Marriage, hence, the RH Bill. Somehow, I listened and gathered a lot from the information she shared. Mostly, it's about vaccines, injections, cultured viruses from dead fetus included in the vaccines, increasing abortion rates, having intercourse before marriage, how being married by a judge is a sin, et cetera.

I so love the mosaic they did on every station of the cross as well as on the murals on the rest of the church. Such beautiful craftsmanship!

The event ended just in time for lunch! And then it's home sweet home. :)

How's your BEIM Challenge going? :)

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