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May 16, 2013

A Day in my Summer Life

Holla amigos! It's Day 16 of the Blog Everyday Challenge! Today's prompt is to share to you 'something difficult about my life and how I'm working to overcome it'. Looking at my life right now, I can say that everything is going smoothly and great, and I am thankful to God for that. I hope it will be fair if I just share to you what's supposedly yesterday's prompt in today's post. :)

Usually, a typical summer day would be made up of doing chores, reading a book, watching tv, and mostly sitting in front of the computer. Lazy alright? But I must say yesterday was pretty productive! Let me share to you what I did! :)

  • I was feeling extra nice so I decided to rearrange my little corner in the house a.k.a my workspace. It's now tidier than the previous arrangement! :) That on the photo below is my 'Blog Notebook' (to be filled yet) with blog-y thoughts. 

My little workspace!

  • The afternoon was rather boring so I thought I'd mess with my html a bit. Hence, my new blog look.
  • Read blogs and discovered new ones.
  • My mom and brother arrived from the city late in the afternoon. We had some fun time and a laugh when my dad wore my brother's college uniform! XD
  • Early in the evening, my friend Alyssa texted me that she's in town and will be going for a visit at home. We spent the evening playing with her cute little niece!
Blog Notebook I bought last Tuesday

Keeping up with the challenge

  • Late that evening after supper, I finally learned that passionfruit works even without money. Thank goodness for Free Swaps and Promo Codes! Let me now grab this opportunity to tell you that I'm offering free button swaps! (Shameless plugging! Haha) Check out my sponsor page now! And don't forget to put my button on your blog, too. :)
How did your day go? :)


  1. Your blog notebook looks lovely . I use a planner to mark my blog milestones :)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  2. lovely notebook! did you do it yourself? :)) i love that little calendar. :)