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April 9, 2013

On Mystic Ranges

We're almost halfway through April and that means busy days for the people of our town - which includes me! 

The arrival of May marks another year of independence from the neighboring town of Guimbal, and its becoming an independent Municipality. The celebration usually starts during the last week of April until 1st of May, where the highlights of the week-long celebration is showcased. Colorful costumes, loud music, beating of the drums, kiosks, fireworks, parties and plenty of people from different places flock the public Plaza of the town during these days. This is the Tubong - Tubong Festival, a celebration organized to commemorate the town's liberalization .

In it's 75th year of sovereignty, our town has improved in many ways. Several infrastructures were implemented all over the town. This was made possible through the efforts of our past and previous leaders and their subordinates. Indeed, it has evolved into a wonderful place. I have witnessed the changes for I have lived here for 20 years, and I'm never going to get tired of coming back even if someday I'll be living far. :)

So what excites me in this year's fest?
Weeks ago, I heard from my Mom that there will be a Wall Painting Contest. It's a first in our town and for me, so I said why not give it a try? So this afternoon, we gathered for an orientation and met my fellow contestants. We were all amateurs, I being one, since I bet all of us haven't done a mural before except maybe for a few. We had a raffle in order to determine which tourist destination to paint. Having the only one in our group to attend the meeting, I picked number seven which is tadaaaaaa! ------>

The photos you see in this post are of the Binugsukan Falls which is situated at the farthest and perhaps topmost Barangay in the Municipality, the Barangay Igpaho. I haven't been there - that's a fact. Maybe we'll go there and make a site visit in order to have a more realistic view of the falls, or maybe not. We also had a look at the walls that we're going to paint on the 27th [of April]. It's a newly constructed, or rather cemented wall by the fish market. We went there and it smelled like, well, fish. Lol. I am really looking forward for this day to come, but we still have to practice first. You don't just go to a war without preparing for battle, do you? I'll still have to practice on my waterfalls.

But I know we can do it! In our blood runs the blood of an artist! Meheh. :3

Oh by the way, if you're here in Iloilo, you can reach our town through public or private vehicles. PUJ's takes about almost two hours from the City. Taking a private vehicle will take you about less than an hour.

So come visit and experience the warm Tubunganon welcome! :)

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