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April 16, 2013

Travel Wishlist

We all have that itch to go someplace, set foot on a different place, see the different people, attractions, the FOOD, and experience the different cultures around the world. 
Yes, we all want to travel! 

And so here goes my Travel Wishlist that includes places from all over the world that I'd like to go to in the future. Let's just hope I save enough in the bank for this wishlist to become real. :)


 Let's face it! Everyone wants to go to this romantic and dreamy place! Who doesn't want to walk the Parisian streets, visit the Louvre, take a picture with the Eiffel Tower and see the glorious Paris sunset in person?


The ultimate vacation destination especially when you just love landscapes and wine. I'd want to walk the Italian streets, see the beautiful italian landscapes, drink wine till I drop, or maybe take a river cruise in venice!


I know it's quite expensive travelling in Singapore, considering the Peso - SGD rate. But what, I'd totally still want to visit this awesome first-world country! Imagine seeing the Merlion and having fun at Sentosa. Or hopefully get a job! I recall at my high school class prophecy that I had a bungalow by the Upper East Coast here. I'm crossing my fingers for this!


This place has a special spot in my heart. Coming here is like coming back to your childhood. I've already been here once but it was so bitin that I really want to go back! And besides, going here is just one plane ride away from Iloilo! Weee!


Alaska is a pretty cold place for travel, right? Oh but cruiseships always have Juneau on their routes! So there must be something in here. I'd want to go sleeping with the sun up, go on an Alaskan roadtrip, try to catch some fish in the  icy waters or maybe play Jack and Rose with my future boyfriend! Hahah.


Ahh, Malaysia! I've seen and heard a lot of this especially with the ads on cable TV. They have gorgeous parks and nature reserves! Being a person that's fond of nature, I'd really want to pay a visit! 


The main reason why I want to visit England is to feel what it's like walking on those streets and seeing the wonderful castles and buildings. Oh, and see the Royal Parade and the Queen of England! All hail!


My second cousin currently lives in Vancouver and I am loving her photos of the place! Also, I want to see cherry blossoms (that's not in Japan) bloom plus the beautiful city lights. Wow. 

So the list could go on forever. There's still The Bahamas, Carribean, and many other places you guys! Haha.

Photo credits: Paris, ItalySingapore, Hong Kong Disneyland, Alaska, Malaysia, England, Vancouver  all from Flickr.

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