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April 23, 2013

My cousins are here!

Yes! I've have finally seen my cousins fresh from Manila after more than ten years! Imagine that? They just got home about an hour ago together with my aunt and uncle. They were supposed to be home about two hours ago, but their flight got delayed.

Anyway, back to my cousins, they're all so good-looking! Wow. Jerome and James look like twins, but they're actually two to three years apart. Clue: Jerome has a mole on his lower lip. Ok got it. They both seem to be timid and shy. Glydel is a darling and a total girl scout! She's six and she drinks her medicine all by herself! The first meeting after ten years (the last time we saw each other was when I was about five y.o. and Glydel still wasn't born) was totally awkward! But it's just the first night! Hopefully, we'll be having pillow fights already by the middle of their vacation here!

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