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April 17, 2013

The Manila - Hong Kong - Shenzhen - Macau Escapade Part III

If you missed the first two parts, find it below!

 The temperature was negative five degrees, or so I heard. Man, my toes were freezing cold. My nose almost froze! Haha. I went out after like ten minutes then back again for some camwhoring. 

I also went down onboard a tire (something like what you can see on the posters behind us) which is so fun! I wanted to do it again but the climb uphill is long and the cold makes it even longer and harder 'coz you still have to pull the heavy tire up. Even if it wasn't real snow, I must say it was the best snow (or maybe Ice) experience I've had yet!

So damn cold and I was only wearing T-shirt inside that thin jacket!

Not all of us were able to get inside though. We still had to add 150 pesos to be able to get in. Some went out but we gave it a go. I gotta take this chance 'coz no one knows if I'll be back there again! Hopefully. 

A few more photos before we finally depart Shenzhen!

By about seven in the evening, out fastcraft docked at the port. The lights of Macau bridge was just fabulous! I was glad not to have the feeling of seasickness. I remembered a line from a cartoon show called American Dragon that said "Be the Blender". At least I learned something from cartoons. I followed, except that I was not a Blender, I was a Wave. Be the Wave. Inhale as you go up, exhale as you go down (or was it the other way around?). Pretty much like riding a roller coaster. 

We arrived and went for a dinner at Red Chili at the Fisherman's Wharf. A Indian Restaurant. As the door was pulled open by an Indian dressed in white polo and pants, the smell of curry invaded my nostrils. It actually smelled good (but not really to those still dizzy with the fastcraft ride. It could make you puke!). The restaurant was small with aisles enough for one person to pass through. The windows were adorned with yellow curtains and big sparkling sequins, and everything was yellow. The chairs and tables made the place a bit crowded, and a hundred and ten people would make it even more crowded. There was an extension of it at the back where I saw a family dining. 

Outside Red Chili. Chilling out and waiting for the queue to shorten. We needed some fresh air too.

As soon as everyone was seated, I went outside with some of my friends to get some fresh air and just hang out while the queue for food was still a hundred people long. It took about more than fifteen or twenty minutes to let everyone get their food. By the time it was my turn, some of them were already wiping their mouths clean and passing on the salad. Great. I sat by the farthest corner of the restaurant with three other people, near the other door. 

After dinner and settling at the hotel, we had the night to ourselves to explore Macau by foot and go where out feet would take us.

Group picture in front of the Galaxy.

Macau at night is wonderful! And by wonderful I mean like gorgeous and everything beautiful. It looks so vintage and so nice!

And guess what? We had a walk inside the Galaxy Casino!!!! Coolness! It was so huge and so beautiful and everything was just Royalty! There were crystals where it says 'touch the stones' and 'they feel your energy' and words like that. I don't remember the exact other words but it sure was long. I read it and told myself, "I wonder what would happen if I touched one of these crystals...". Besides, there's no sign saying 'for your eyes only'. So, I walked a series of about five steps where the humongous crystals were within reach. I took a quick pose for a souvenir using my friend's cellphone and immediately reached for one of the crystal's surfaces. And suddenly a magical music starts playing. I stepped down the stairs to watch the show. And there, the crystals turned into different colors at a fast pace. It was a five-minute magical show. It was as if were in Disney or something.

Uhm, I don't want to spoil anything but I wonder if there were hidden cameras around and a watchman in front of the computers on hold of the switches. And then when they would see someone who touches the crystals and go with the controls. But I bet it's automatic isn't it? That the crystals actually feel your energy? Heheh. Helllooo?! It's Macau! It's Galaxy Casino! Doh. Everything is automatic. Even the tissue dispenser in the comfort room is automatic.

The casino was grandiose! Upon entering, the guards (Pinoys!) asked for our passports. Do you know what that means? Earlier, our guide said that if a guard asks for your Passport when entering the Casino, it means that you look young for your age. So that means we look young! Haha. I was still 19 at that time. I saw few women in gowns and lots of men in formal wear at the Poker Tables. At the Slots were mostly old women in their jackets and pants, sitting with one leg up and concentrating as if their whole life depends on the symbols that appear on the machine. Wow. Don't they ever do anything else other than Slots? Maybe play Poke some other time? Lol.

Oh, and as other Casinos implement it, Galaxy doesn't allow photos to be taken inside the casino. Well I couldn't take photos anymore at that time because my batteries were dead and everyone was asking for adapters earlier at the hotel. I even saw the front desk getting frustrated at all those calls about the adapter. (T_T)

Souvenir photo!


The milk in Western Taipa Hotel Macau was so delicious! I didn't care where it came from because it was so good. I did want to bring some home! It doesn't taste quite good without sugar, though. The food was also good. They had steamed sausages and hams, scrambled eggs, canton, and the bread and butter never goes missing. 

We came back at the Galaxy hotel via the other side where we saw a limo and a Filipina welcoming guests! I've heard she was a former Bb. Pilipinas candidate! 

Upon entering, my jaws dropped in amazement. I've never seen something like it before. It was just so beautiful that I can't even think of other words to describe it. Voila! I bought a perfume that smells exactly like the inside of the Galaxy Hotel!

This is the lobby where a spectacular diamond show happens every eleven o' clock. Wonder what a diamond show is?

Look at those crystals!

I really couldn't describe it but it's about this large crystal chandelier moving up and down with music and later, a large diamond emerges from the waters of the fountain underneath! You have to be there to see the and feel the magic of the moment! Sadly, the last few minutes of my battery was over by the time the show began. Pffft.

While on the way to lunch, our guide gave us information. In Macau, there are a lot of motorcycles. Know why? Boys wanted to have motorcycles because they can't have girlfriends when they have motorcycles (or at least they don't have a place for a date because buses are too public). And it's takes a great deal just to get a license. They would make you drive into a pattern like the number 8 for three times. If you fail to do it continuously, you have to wait for another five years (I think) to get a retake. Yes, it's that hard.

And did you know that someone who owns a Taxi (or perhaps a taxi driver) can be one of the many rich people in Macau? It's because almost everything required to have a taxi (license, etc), even the taxi itself, costs way too expensive! So if you're going to marry a taxi driver, better marry a taxi driver from Macau! :)

We had lunch at a place called 'Miami' in Fisherman's Wharf. They also had cheesecake which I didn't get a chance to try. Bummer. The food was delish too! We brought with us some bread and butter in case we get hungry along the way. Those portugese kind of bread are just good and tasty!

Making a pose after lunch. Bye Fisherman's Wharf!

After lunch, we headed to the Grand Canal Shoppes!
You still have to walk a bit and ride an escalator before reaching the actual shops.

Apologies for the blurry-ness. That's me at the center and mah girls (teachers)! :)

This was the place where Jan Di and Jun Pyo talked on BOF. Hihi. I am such a fan!

I also had a picture with a boat guy who is Italian based on the way he speaks and the way he looks like.

Next, the Ruins of St. Paul ...

...well actually the view in front of the Ruins. You can see the Grand Lisboa from there!

And then the A Ma Temple where we found a lot of Indian People. There's this bowl at the temple to test how much luck you have. I wondered if it could be real. I tried brushing my palms rigidly on the handles and the water rose about 5 centimeters. Haha. I guess that's the size of luck have. Last stop is Senado Square aka famous shopping center! Now this is where we given time to stroll around and buy stuff.

We stopped by Sasa which is I guess the leading beauty one-stop shop in Macau. I bought two perfumes for 38 HKG each. We then went inside the Catholic Church just around the corner. There were many people that day because it was a Sunday and it's day-off. We've seen numerous Filipinos around too. After going around for a while, we gathered around the fountain to wait for the others to come back. There was an event by the fountain at about 6PM. Guess what, one of the guards standing by is from Antique! Small world! Filipinos are all over Macau!

We then had dinner at Chinese Restaurant just a few meters away from the Square then headed to the Airport. Did I mention they have computers for public use at the airport! It was cool! I even posted a status before boarding our plane. After a few minutes, we were finally going back to the Philippines!

Again, we spent the night at Tune Hotels and repacked all our things before finally going home the next day. It was all so surreal!

The next day, we had breakfast still at the restaurant near the hotel and went to Puregold for some Duty Free shopping. Rows and rows of chocolate and goodies, shoes, RTW and etcetera! I bought about 1000 pesos of chocolate! Haha.

Sumptous buffet lunch before heading to the Airport. I missed Pinoy food!!!

At last we came to the airport. End of tour. :(
We were divided into two groups. Cebu Pacific and PAL. I was in PAL and I must say that it is the best! It was a smooth ride and we got snacks! There was a beautiful sunset when we got home. The kind that gets your attention till it's finished, and takes your breath away every second.

I just don't know how to end this post. I mean, Wow. I never thought I'd be able to experience all of this! All thanks to my Mom and Dad for letting me go with the group and to the Almighty for giving us an awesomely good weather all throughout the tour. I can't believe I cried when I parted with my teachers and friends. It was just successful and so fun but tiring and I guess all those emotions finally found it's way out at that moment. I can't even...

I am really going to miss all the places we've been to. I'll certainly be back!!

*sorry for plenty-o typos! :D

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