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April 17, 2013

The Manila - Hong Kong - Shenzhen - Macau Escapade Part II

 Did you know that the Hong Kong - Shenzhen border is just a yellow line inside the Immigration? :D

The ol' camera says Goodmorning! I love that painting  behind. :)

We woke up at around 7:10 in the morning as the clock says. Good. About 6 hours of sleep was ample enough to get me through another day. And to think this was the third day. I have charged my camera batteries long enough to get me plenty of pictures. I looked outside to see what view is in store for me, and voila! 
I was expecting a picturesque view of the city but I guess not.

Condos. Windows closed. We took turns in using the shower - I went in last. That's when I start to notice, they all have blow dryers even the hotel we stayed in Day 1.


This was what's in the table for breakfast. I have to admit that they had a lot of veggies such as lettuce and the ones you see above. 

I saw cereals but I wasn't in the mood for some. Messy :x


The food was good and looked pretty much like the ones we eat in here, but who knows what they tasted like. I am in for something new but my taste buds were sort of closed at that moment. Perhaps the lack of sleep has something to do with it. 
I bet Chinese people must really like watermelons. 

And I tasted their caffe latte which was quite good. I wasn't able to get a cup full though. The dispenser sort of ran out liquid so that's just about it.

After the breakfast, we headed to the Windows of the World! This a place where mini replicas of famous tourist attractions and landmarks all over the world are seen!


Now would you look at that! It's a Wedding Car ladies and gentlemen! Did you know that in Macau and in Shenzhen (or maybe the whole of China), seeing a wedding car is considered to be lucky? And indeed we were feeling very lucky at that moment because the weather was so good! Praise the Lord! We saw that couple a little later by the falls at WOW (Windows of the World) by the falls having the pictorials.. Sweet!


 But before that, we stopped by at the place where we'll be having our lunch. We were first escorted to a Supermarket that sells products from bamboo. As far as I can remember, weve been asking our guide as to where we can buy water. So we followed her in here. No water. What were we doing there?

It's just so clean omg.

In here, we've seen a demo of different products made from bamboo such as towels, an all-purpose kind of rectangular stretchable bamboo cloth that you can form into a scarf, a cardigan, even a mini dress! Yet it was so expensive. I was also made to try the coal something wrapped in cloth that's applied at the back of your neck. It's supposed to make your back feel relaxed after but I don't know what happened with mine. It just didn't work. 

After the demo, we were made to proceed to another room full of products. I bought two towelettes that's super soft and doesn't get all rough on the skin. Also had some peanuts made out of bamboo charcoal (sort of) that tasted like peanut of course. Lol

Next stop, the monorail! It's a mini train with two compartments fit for like 8 -10 people each. It runs all over Shenzhen and allows tourists to see the whole of the place in just minutes (because it normally takes about 15 days to travel the whole of Shenzhen!)

Had a few pics before it's our turn.

Hong Kong Dollars!

That's the control room I guess. Hihi.

Stalls selling souvenir items!

Foggy Shenzhen.

Their brochure has several typos.

 By the way, we added about 150 HKD (600pesos) for the train ride plus another train ride at WOW and the entrance to the Snow World later still at WOW.

After a few minutes, we were able to board the monorail!

The monorail has a tour guide! It's a robotic voice telling us what's on the left or the right etcetera. But I couldn't hear it most of the time because the moving monorail was loud. 

Couldn't take decent pictures because it was moving a bit fast!

 Squeaky clean! 

Warning: A wave of photos is up!  

How cute are those kids!

European-ish structures?

 This river has something significant in the history of Shenzhen. 
I just can't recall what. Maybe I should google it.

Looks like a setting in a Korean Movie eh?

 Aaannd were done! I have about three dozens more of these photos but these are better ones. I would have taken lots more if it wasn't for my battery life. I was saving it 'coz I only have one pair of batteries, and next charging time is perhaps midnight.

 Lunch was neither good nor bad. We were served Peking Duck (Chinese specialty), a Chopsuey-ish mix of vegetables, soup, chicken and lots more on the table. Thank goodness there was Coke. They don't serve water, there's only tea. If you do ask them for water, they'll give you a hot one instead.

That's what's left on the table. Hihi. In the other tables, most of the food were untouched. But whatevs because I was full.

I don't know about you, but Peking Duck is not just my taste. So is the soup. But I did love the chicken and the vegetables! Another trivia: It is a Chinese tradition to NOT finish everything that's served to you/empty your plate. If you do, they'll think that you were not served adequately and they'll send you another full plate. 

Cutesy lights at the restaurant.

After lunch, we headed straight to WOW!
And yes, wow. It was sooo big!

That's how the monorail looks like by the way.

So we climbed about a less than a hundred steps and went straight to the place where we'll get in for another train ride.

Upon entering, you'll see this giant globe and a replica of the Eiffel Tower. On the sides, you can see tall carved columns that will remind you of Egypt.

There are times in life where you wish you were short to be able to avail free rides. Haha. I kid! I love my height yo!

Happy Pumpkin is happy! October = Halloween!

Looking horrible already! Haha

And then the train ride commenced. Again, not much decent photos because the train was ridiculously fast and we only had like 5 minutes (though it felt like seconds) for stopovers. Advice to those who want to go to WOW. Just go on your foot so you can take pictures properly and not be in a rush. Plus you'll have time to admire the wonderful attractions the world has in one place!

These are just some of the photos I got. The rest are blurred -_-


I admit we acted like the Rapunzel who just got out of the tower. Hahah. People were staring at us as the train passed by. Look at their faces! Lol! We were shouting and running everytime the train's bell starts to sound off and it was just so fun! Hahah!

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