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April 17, 2013

The Garinfarm Adventure

Last December 23rd of 2012, Dad decided we should go out and spend a fun day together. I was so excited because 1) the last time we actually went out together was when I was in highschool, 2) we don't usually go out together ever since I went to college and 3) we all have busy schedules. This gives us another time to bond outside the house! First option was to go to the city and visit the malls. But then, they changed their minds and thought we should go relax and smell some fresh air. 
So here it is! I didn't get the chance to edit some of the photos, though. :)

We departed at about 9 AM that day. Passing by the ocean at Miagao, I just couldn't get my eyes off of it. The ocean was so blue! I guess the same kind of blue as the skies in the photo below. Only deeper. It was too beautiful for words.

The entrance. Garinfarm was previously located at Guimbal. We have been there for about two or three times before they moved to the present location. I guess the latter has a far bigger land area than the former. It was our first time here, except for my Mom and brother whose already been here about three times and a couple of times respectively. Wow.

Well of course, silly. :D A simple reminder that it's not just a leisure and pilgrimage place but also a farm.

These are chicken houses. They have about 10 of them, though I forgot to count how many. Each laying house has more than a thousand hens. Harvest time is 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM. Imagine how many eggs that produces! Indeed that's a lot of eggs.

Lil sissy and Dad.

I don't know where this one leads to though.

Seeing animals like this made my sister scream "Hala! Cute!" Hahaha.

After walking straight from the entrance, this is what you'll find.
Modern Ilonggo Farmer who is to be envied with his touch-screen cellphone. I don't even have one!

 Now, turning right.

It was still a long way up. *Pants* 

Lil sister striking a pose at the Nipa Hut or Bahay Kubo. She's really loving it, I can tell. 

Bro and Dad strike a pose. 

They have this little part in the farm where all the plants mentioned in the song "Bahay Kubo" are arranged/planted in the order they are sung. So we sang as we walked around the Kubo. We also found ducks in the pond labeled "Pato" put in an area between the veggies.  I was wondering, is there even 'Pato' in the song? Ok that was a private joke. Haha.

This is the pilgrimage site that attracts people during lenten season. There's a lot of things awaiting on the way to the top. I recommend you go up late in the afternoon or maybe early in the morning so you don't play tag with the sun. It can get pretty hot during the midday unless you want to get a tan.

FEED YOUR BODY points to the restaurant while FEED YOUR SOUL points to the pilgrimage site. Behind this signage is the pond where they get the 'Tilapia' that they cook at the restaurant. Now that's what you call fresh.

My brother had his experience of zip-lining, superman style (you know how it goes) for 350 pesos. It was pretty scary I wouldn't dare. Don't worry 'cause they also have the 'sitting' option for 250 pesos. Mom and Dad offered me if I want to go as well but I wasn't up for it so I just said no. My little sister really wanted to experience the thrill of zip-lining but she wasn't heavy enough. They say she needed company to add to the weight but like I said, I wasn't up for something like it. So I guess she will have to wait till she grows up. :)

Al fresco. :)

The view from the restaurant is just glorious! It's like you can almost see half of the whole world from up there! I bet the sunset from up there is just breathtaking. You can clearly see the horizon from up there. But wait till you get to the topmost part of the place (the cross) !

That's my mom on the far left, ordering our lunch. It's a pretty dainty restaurant isn't it? We had Soup, Fish Tinola (forgot it's name), Buttered Chicken (more like battered), Mixed Seafoods, Leche Flan and a bottle of Coke for Lunch. Made me burp several times. Lol. :)

After a delightful lunch, we decided to go boat riding. But before that, we all witnessed a beautiful lunchtime scene. See, birds have lunch too. Their feeding area is just next to the restaurant and what the caretaker does is ring the bell to make the birds come over/fly up to where they will be fed. You got to see it 'cause I really don't know how to tell ya. Birds (like thousands of them) flew as if they we migrating! It was quite a spectacle, ya know. I forgot to take photos because I was eating and I was just in awe!

This was minutes after everyone finished. They're either the latecomers or the greedy ones. Hehehe.

Here goes the boating part. Heheh :)

No, we didn't ride one of those. We had a red rubber boat instead. The boating experience was fun. Dad and brother were on the paddles while us, girls, just sat there. :) The boys had to struggle with steering the rubber boat at first but they got used to it anyway. We've had a few bumps along the way but we were still able to go about twice around the..err..little lake.


Kinarir na talaga ang pagsagwan eh. Hahaha.

This one is maneuvered as if you were just riding a bike. What do you call that?

After the boat ride and a few Pinipig Ice Creams, we decided to go to the cross!

There were about twenty steps (depending on how big you step) from the entrance of the cross straight to the stairway + 480 steps on the stairway + I-don't-know-how-many steps sideways. 

Why sideways? 

You may not see it from the front (you can't even see it from the photo below) but there are fourteen stations of the cross carefully hidden in between those tall trees. So when you go up, you have to walk sideways to visit each station of the cross. We have pictures but it's in my  Dad's cell. I probably used up all the camera's battery while we were down. I should have listened to Mom who said there are more beautiful attractions waiting on the way up. Luckily, I was able to take a few photos on the way up with the cam's dying battery.

So this is Noah's Ark.
Dad: "Whoa. I didn't know Noah's Ark docked here!"


Animals made from cement. They all looked so real! Almost.

Moses and the Ten Commandments.

My sister violating the "No Entry" reminder.

After climbing all the way up...



Crappy photo of the view from the cross. It's sad that the clouds were dark. It would have been so nice to see [a part of] the whole world right in front of your eyes. We stayed for a rest for a few minutes and took a deep breath of the fresh air surrounding us. There's no place like it. It felt like I'm on top of the world! Raindrops fell before we went down but after a few minutes, it was back.

We spent the rest of the afternoon just hanging out, savoring the fresh air and fishing! Goodness, I didn't knew I had the skills in fishing. I caught a fish!!! I!Caught!A Fish! I was so happy lol! :)

When the sun was behind the clouds, we took the moment to go to where the rooms were located. See those T shaped structures right there?

They have 20 rooms - 14 in that row above and 6 at another level somewhere on the far left. They call their room as Suites. Each suite has a different name which depends on the flowers that bloom directly next to it. For example, the Ilang-Ilang Suite. You just have to open the screened window on the side and voila! Your room is embraced with the scent of Ilang-Ilang! That's what Mom told me.

The rooms were closed though. So I tried to take a peek of what inside by going in front! It was just a quick peek and what I saw was something like an interior of a modern hotel room. Doh. Very neat and organized. The theme is green. As you can see, the rooms facing the front have tall glass windows so everyone can see what you're doing unless they don't want to. But don't worry. The back side of those rooms are solid cement. :D

We went home at four and had dinner at Doming's Seafood Restaurant and Talabahan by the Sea. We had Kinilaw na Isda or Ceviche (para sosyal), Grilled Fish, and Tinolang Fish! Lol. Seafood resto nga diba? Seafood. But I did see grilled pork in the Turo-turo.

After the sumptous dinner, we went home and prepared for the 9PM Christmas Eve Mass.
Ahhh, it's been a fun and long day. :)

Photos taken with Verzio DX1 HD.

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