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April 19, 2013

Summer and Rain

One of the best things that I anticipate during summer is rain! Ironic right? But the hot weather surely makes you look forward to the next rainfall. Thank God it rained this afternoon. Everything felt so cool and nice. It was a short but strong kind of rain. The mountains from afar looked foggy and I am sure that it's pretty cold out there right now. 

While rain was pouring down, I painted things for my blog. You know, logos and stuff. :)

I tried on tumblr, facebook and twitter logos too. :D

And my Dad bought me a set of paintbrushes! 

After a while, I was told to fetch my sister at school. It was still raining at that time. It's been a long time since I've splashed my toes in puddles of rain. I missed those times. I've been wearing heels and stockings in school as well as not going out during rainy days lately so I haven't much felt what it's like to have rainwater on my toes. On the way, my sister and I were splashing all the way back home. Aah, to be a kid again. 


And yet another beautiful sunset taken from the back of our house. I had to zoom it in because if not, then you'd see less of it [the sunset]. I really look forward to taking photos of panoramic sunsets someday. 

I wish you all had a lovely day!

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