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April 20, 2013

DIY: Paintbrush/Pen Holder

 How's it going lovelies? I can't believe the electricity's been out for like twelve hours! Usually it would go off at 8:00 AM and resume at 5:00 PM. Blackouts are such a bummer sometimes. So to kill the boredom, I decided to make a paintbrush holder!

There were about a couple of empty peanut butter containers in the corner so I washed one and started to draw some patterns on it using a marker.


AFTER. Tadaaa! It's nothing fancy and you can't really appreciate the patterns because it's all black.

So I decided to put a few washi tapes to put a little bit of color onto it. Damn these blurry photos. XD

You can also paint some of the details with colorful hues to make it more tribal or rather festive.

Sometimes I do wish there's always a blackout just so I could get productive. Lol. Till the next DIY! :)

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