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April 23, 2013

Bad Habits I Need To Break

Hello! So today I want to let you know a part of me so I'm going to share to you ten random bad habits that I really think I need to stop/break. (I'm so bad at intros!)

  1. Being a control freak. Sometimes (ok most times) I tend to feel responsible for the group even when I'm not the leader whenever given schoolworks and projects. Once I start planning it, crazy ideas would start to pop into my mind which does not allow me to sleep peacefully at night. Worst is that I need to have to do everything just to ensure that the outcome is good. I seriously have trust issues when it comes to this. It could be unfair to others who want their fair share of the workload as well as an advantage to lazy people. It's a bit tiring sometimes but those are my grades at stake.
  2. Slouching. Being in front of the computer a lot means sitting for hours a day! Which leads to my habit of slouching -- unconsciously. It is no wonder why my back and neck hurts most of the times. This could lead to a case of scoliosis someday. God forbid.
  3. Spending A LOT! Man, I need to save! Really. The problem with me is that whenever I see a good book, a cute journal or something that's really catchy, I buy it ( mostly without even thinking if it's really of importance). I just can't help the urge to splurge sometimes. It's as if the items are seducing me like 'come and get meh!'. Note to self: Never get a credit card.
  4. Being on the internet A WHOLE LOT! Sometimes I forget what intend to do because I am too engrossed with the internet. I'm glad that it's currently the summer season which means I can drown myself in it as much as I want. But I think I really need to schedule my 'internet activities' and spend some time with people close to me. I can't must not let the internet control my life.
  5. Not going out of the house because I face the computer like all day long.
  6. Sleeping late. Oh blame it all on the internet.
  7. Rubbing my eyes too much. Did you ever had that certain itch to rub your eyes until all the itchiness is gone? Ugh. Once (ok many times now) I rubbed my eyes hard and it kind of hurts. So when that itch, I just close my eyes real hard or roll my eyeballs real hard which led to an...
  8. Eye mannerism. It just sucks. :(  
  9. Tying my hair into a ponytail even when wet. My class schedules are pretty early sometimes so after I take a bath, I just let the water drip off my hair, then tie it immediately. I've done this ever since I was in high school and it really did made my hair unhealthy. My mom says that tying my hair is like strangling a person. I have this flyaway frizzy dry hair that always needs to be hair polished. If I let it down, I think I'd look like a witch or something.
  10. Eating junk. Junk = Unhealthy food = Fastfood. That explains it, I guess. 

Do you have bad habits you badly want to break? Share it! :)

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