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April 17, 2013

Back to October: Tour Celebratory Outing

This has been sitting in my drafts for months and I myself don't know why but here it is anyway.

Our class has handled the International Tour at 10th - 12th of October last year. It was successful so we planned to celebrate our class' success. Well it wasn't really that planned and we never had a meeting regarding it. It was all plain 'text brigade'. But anyway, they still came and we still had fun so it was okay. :D



Ube cake got smushed (what's smushed anyway?) after an hour of travel from the city. And where'd the cherries go?


Ladies and gentlemen, this is Philmar Beach Resort at Guimbal Iloilo!


It was a hot sunny afternoon. Earlier that day, I was with my aunts, uncle and cousins who were going back to Manila. 


The place was wonderful and very nice for an outing. It has about four air-conditioned rooms too, in case you want to stay in. Plus about a couple of Nipa Cottages with beds.

Seo Hyun obsessed Collean making the Seo-Hyun action.

It was so cool in this part of the Resort because this is where the most of the trees are.

The plates are ready for lunch!

I'm not in this picture :(

Unfortunately, there were just few of us who actually bothered to go to the outing. Nevertheless, we found a way to make it more memorable and fun!

So we had karaoke! I wanted to sing but naaaaah...I just sang along. :)

After a few songs, boredom started to sink in so we decided to go around town.
But first, we bought dirty Ice Cream - it's not literally dirty, it's a slang term for ice cream sold on the streets or on tubes like that! 

This is Garin's house right here. Bullet proof, I heard. 

 Guimbal Church!

This is half of the Guimbal Plaza.

After going around the Plaza, we went to the Dike.

It's a really nice place to watch the sunset. Nearby, fishermen were well, fishing. What else would it be. Hahah. We took a few jumpshots too!

Here is the Sleeping Giant! No it ain't China. It's just the mountains looking like a sleeping person. Haha. That's his head under the sun and going to the left you can see his body and his stomach bulging.

This is the bridge going to Miag-ao. People say that if it's your first time passing a bridge while riding a vehicle (any bridge), hold your breath from the start till the very end of the bridge. Afterwhich, make a wish and it will come true. Or maybe make a wish while holding your breath? I'm not really sure. Never try to walk from the start till the end of the bridge while holding your breath unless you wanna die. :)

To end the day, another group picture of us at the top of the Bantayan Tower back at the Resort.

CIAO! :)

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