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April 21, 2013

All Cats Go to Heaven

As I was looking through several blogs starting yesterday, I've realized that my blog is too simple to even attract readers. You need to have that certain vavavoom or effect to get people to actually read your blog and have them stay in it (if you know what I mean). So I decided to add some color into my blog. Being amateur in html and codes myself, here's what I've come up for the last 3 hours. Haha!

I figured I need to change my sidebar pic (later) because it looks rather too dark. Also, I've added pages on my sidebar - About, To Do List, Bloglove and Elsewhere buttons! Some aren't updated yet, but please give them a click! :)

I also made myself a customized 'Read More' which I got here and a signature. I think I rely too much on the blogger's simple customizations because the codes are a bit tacky. Hopefully, I'll be able to figure these codes out.

Anyway, who loves cats? Though we don't have a cat for a pet, my sister sure is head over heels in love with cats! If you love cats too, then you should read this. :)

A few weeks ago, my Aunt (my Dad's cousin) came home from abroad for my grandparents' death anniversary. That day, there were repeating blackouts in the evening (but this isn't part of the story). We had nothing to do a few minutes after dinner, so we decided to tell stories. My aunt went ahead with hers. Here it is:

My second cousin once stumbled upon a wild stray cat and brought her home. Let's call it Kitty from here. She wanted to pet Kitty very much, but it kept going out of their house during the night. It was a wild cat and you really can't keep a cat away from her real home. Yet still, it comes back during the day.  Once, she tied a leash on Kitty in order to prevent it from going out again. A couple of nights later, she noticed that Kitty hasn't come back. So she decided to look around and found the poor cat strangled by her leash that caught hanging on the fence. She was so so sad and cried for several days according to her mother. I pitied Monica (my second cousin) for what happened to her cat. One day, her teacher gave them a homework which is to write a poem about any topic. Monica, still mourning, decided to make and dedicate the poem to Kitty. Being a teacher, my Aunt helped Monica in writing the poem that got an A! Little did her teacher know that Kitty was already gone. One day, my aunt was reading the poem that they wrote together. A little bit later, she went out of the house and found a large number of cats surrounding their front door. My aunt said that they must have known what happened to Kitty and how Monica dedicated her poem to her. My aunt had goosebumps after what happened. She even said maybe they want to get adopted so that they'll be in a poem when they die. Kidding. :)

Isn't it creepy? You know, all those cats in your front door can be a bit scary. But you know what, I find it heartwarming at the same time. Heartwarming in a sense that one can love a stranger (in here, a strange cat) so much, she even dedicated a poem for her. Isn't it beautiful how we get attached to animals sometimes that we cry our hearts out when we lose them. I wish it could be this way between humans. I wish people would give importance to each other, love and help each other despite the differences - the way Monica did with Kitty. Those cats must have felt it too!

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