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My cousins are here!

Yes! I've have finally seen my cousins fresh from Manila after more than ten years! Imagine that? They just got home about an hour ago together with my aunt and uncle. They were supposed to be home about two hours ago, but their flight got delayed.

Anyway, back to my cousins, they're all so good-looking! Wow. Jerome and James look like twins, but they're actually two to three years apart. Clue: Jerome has a mole on his lower lip. Ok got it. They both seem to be timid and shy. Glydel is a darling and a total girl scout! She's six and she drinks her medicine all by herself! The first meeting after ten years (the last time we saw each other was when I was about five y.o. and Glydel still wasn't born) was totally awkward! But it's just the first night! Hopefully, we'll be having pillow fights already by the middle of their vacation here!

Bad Habits I Need To Break

Hello! So today I want to let you know a part of me so I'm going to share to you ten random bad habits that I really think I need to stop/break. (I'm so bad at intros!)

Being a control freak. Sometimes (ok most times) I tend to feel responsible for the group even when I'm not the leader whenever given schoolworks and projects. Once I start planning it, crazy ideas would start to pop into my mind which does not allow me to sleep peacefully at night. Worst is that I need to have to do everything just to ensure that the outcome is good. I seriously have trust issues when it comes to this. It could be unfair to others who want their fair share of the workload as well as an advantage to lazy people. It's a bit tiring sometimes but those are my grades at stake.Slouching. Being in front of the computer a lot means sitting for hours a day! Which leads to my habit of slouching -- unconsciously. It is no wonder why my back and neck hurts most of the times. This could lead to a ca…

All Cats Go to Heaven

As I was looking through several blogs starting yesterday, I've realized that my blog is too simple to even attract readers. You need to have that certain vavavoom or effect to get people to actually read your blog and have them stay in it (if you know what I mean). So I decided to add some color into my blog. Being amateur in html and codes myself, here's what I've come up for the last 3 hours. Haha!

I figured I need to change my sidebar pic (later) because it looks rather too dark. Also, I've added pages on my sidebar - About, To Do List, Bloglove and Elsewhere buttons! Some aren't updated yet, but please give them a click! :)

I also made myself a customized 'Read More' which I got here and a signature. I think I rely too much on the blogger's simple customizations because the codes are a bit tacky. Hopefully, I'll be able to figure these codes out.
Anyway, who loves cats? Though we don't have a cat for a pet, my sister sure is head over heels …

DIY: Paintbrush/Pen Holder

How's it going lovelies? I can't believe the electricity's been out for like twelve hours! Usually it would go off at 8:00 AM and resume at 5:00 PM. Blackouts are such a bummer sometimes. So to kill the boredom, I decided to make a paintbrush holder!

There were about a couple of empty peanut butter containers in the corner so I washed one and started to draw some patterns on it using a marker.


AFTER. Tadaaa! It's nothing fancy and you can't really appreciate the patterns because it's all black.

So I decided to put a few washi tapes to put a little bit of color onto it. Damn these blurry photos. XD

You can also paint some of the details with colorful hues to make it more tribal or rather festive.

Sometimes I do wish there's always a blackout just so I could get productive. Lol. Till the next DIY! :) <3

Summer and Rain

One of the best things that I anticipate during summer is rain! Ironic right? But the hot weather surely makes you look forward to the next rainfall. Thank God it rained this afternoon. Everything felt so cool and nice. It was a short but strong kind of rain. The mountains from afar looked foggy and I am sure that it's pretty cold out there right now. 

While rain was pouring down, I painted things for my blog. You know, logos and stuff. :)

I tried on tumblr, facebook and twitter logos too. :D

And my Dad bought me a set of paintbrushes! 

After a while, I was told to fetch my sister at school. It was still raining at that time. It's been a long time since I've splashed my toes in puddles of rain. I missed those times. I've been wearing heels and stockings in school as well as not going out during rainy days lately so I haven't much felt what it's like to have rainwater on my toes. On the way, my sister and I were splashing all the way back home. Aah, to be a kid …

Life lessons worth sharing

Life can be compared to a book. Each page containing different stories, different life lessons. Each time we turn a page, we learn a thing or two. These are the things I have learned in my twenty years of existence. Share it. You might just make someone enjoy the life he's been given. :)

Don’t rush into things. Everything happens in it's time. Enjoy your childhood, your teenage. Enjoy the life that you have now. Never rush on growing up. Gradually, things will come to its place at the right time. Realize that patience is a real virtue. Remember, good things come to those who wait.

Appreciate the little things. Little things like that cute birthday card your Mom gave you, the sprinkles on your ice cream, or those short sticky love notes on your desk. Watch the sunset once in a while or take a moment to hear the birds chirp in the morning. Don't ever take those for granted. It's the little things that count after all.

Enjoy the moment while it lasts.Breathe in the moment. L…

Throwback Thursday

This is the sunset from three years ago, a view from the back of our house. Aren't sunsets one of the most wonderful things on Earth?

Back to October: Tour Celebratory Outing

This has been sitting in my drafts for months and I myself don't know why but here it is anyway.
Our class has handled the International Tour at 10th - 12th of October last year. It was successful so we planned to celebrate our class' success. Well it wasn't really that planned and we never had a meeting regarding it. It was all plain 'text brigade'. But anyway, they still came and we still had fun so it was okay. :D

The Garinfarm Adventure

Last December 23rd of 2012, Dad decided we should go out and spend a fun day together. I was so excited because 1) the last time we actually went out together was when I was in highschool, 2) we don't usually go out together ever since I went to college and 3) we all have busy schedules. This gives us another time to bond outside the house! First option was to go to the city and visit the malls. But then, they changed their minds and thought we should go relax and smell some fresh air.  So here it is! I didn't get the chance to edit some of the photos, though. :)
We departed at about 9 AM that day. Passing by the ocean at Miagao, I just couldn't get my eyes off of it. The ocean was so blue! I guess the same kind of blue as the skies in the photo below. Only deeper. It was too beautiful for words.

The entrance. Garinfarm was previously located at Guimbal. We have been there for about two or three times before they moved to the present location. I guess the latter has a far b…

The Visayan Invasion 2k11

September 2011. (Reposted from my Tumblr)This is the Visayan Invasion 2k11, our second educational tour which is, of course around Visayas! We stayed at Ira’s house at Sta. Barbara. It was a simple and comfortable home, pretty much on a farm-like setting. Yet, I liked it. I liked the cool ambience and the shade of green everywhere. Away from the noise and pollution of the urban life. We arrived at about 5:00. There were six of us - Freanne, Shane, Lalaine, Shenna Lou, Allan and moi.

They were very accommodating and nice, too. I’ve never thought that they’d prepare much for our arrival, but it was just heartwarming. We were served fresh coconut juice and “bihon” for snacks. Ah, I was satisfied. It was almost sundown when we decided to go and have a look around their barangay, of course, with Ira as our Tour GuideTeehee! Going back to the house, Allan was practicing his dance for his talent in the Miss Visayan Invasion X, (Yes. Allan is a boy) while Ira’s mom cooked dinner. Dinner made …